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  1. S

    Please help me to create crystal and tonal shades effect

    Hi guys, So I'm creating a logo based on the concept of sugar spun (caramel threads). Unfortunately, the logo needs to be at vector form, and so I'm asked to transform a realistic photo of the sugar spun into vector. Below is the photo of the sugar spun and I want to illustrate all the crystal...
  2. M

    Help converting logo to vector

    Hey guys and girls! I like to brows around forums and do photoshop tutorials, but I have found something that I can't manage to complete. Could you give me some advice? I have a logo, american football logo that I need to convert into a vector image (so the lines are sharp and not blurry)...
  3. B

    Question on Vector Mask Functionality

    Hello everyone, I'm fairly new to Photoshop CS 5 so I apologize if I am asking the wrong type of questions, here goes: When working with Vector Masks can you: 1) "Link" or "share" one image's vector mask with other images? (ex. If I made "Building A" then duplicated it, but then wanted to...
  4. T

    How to get vector path from image of map?

    I want to cteate an interactive map of country on my web-site. I want to draw it on fly and have an ability to zoom it. The best way for implementing this in my opinion is to get vector map of this country. I want to make it automatically, not manually I have this map of Ukraine. I want to...
  5. awaixjvd

    Help making such picture.

    Hi everyone I am not that much newbie to Photoshop but still i am not an expert. That is why i am here to seek some help. I am trying to make one of my picture like the attached image. I tried posterize the image and setting the value to 5 and then applying gradient map and giving different...
  6. P

    How to: Combining shapes but get rid of dozen editable paths?

    Hi All. I've created a logo in Photoshop by using 14 shapes. My goal is to combine these shape to one perfect master shape that I can fill and export to Illustator for vectorizing to pdf. My problem is when I combine these paths it creates one shape but all overlapping paths are included. What...
  7. D

    Simulate bright in composition

    Hello! I'm trying to simulate the effect of this image, but I'm having trouble to do the "bright" in the background. Do you guys have any ideas how can I reach a similar effect? Thanks! By the way, if you guys known a similar font like that, I would appreciate. Thank you, again!
  8. C

    Illustrator How would you do this blending? is there a teqnique?

    Any help would be appreciated !
  9. blasteralfred

    How to make a single color image with white alpha layers into white transparent png

    Hi, I have an image. The image has a solid background and the drawing in it is made by various white and black layers, with transparency settings, one over another, to make a complex image. The image sample is below; What I want is to change the colors. This can be easily done with...
  10. SPWA

    Illustrator Vector Sprite Designer

    This is a utility that I made for my own use, but thought I'd share in case anyone else can have some use of it also. It is a 50 x 50 grid of white squares. The lined grid is on a separate locked layer. There is plenty of colors in the Swatch in this file, but you can put your most used in the...
  11. C

    Pattern and Gradient Fading to transparent single shape?

    Hi Guys, I'm coming from Fireworks. A technique I use often in my ui work is to combine a texture with a gradient that fades the gradients color and the pattern to transparent. In Fireworks, this can be done on a single layer with no mask. The transparency of the gradient affects the...
  12. I

    How to do this in photoshop?

    Hi guys! Let me start off by first saying how honored I am to be amongst photoshop pros such as yourselves! I am not new to photoshop by any means, however I have always wanted to know how to do this. This is what I am looking to do It's a picture of Michael Jackson. What I want to...
  13. C

    Vector art [request]

    Hey photoshop gurus, can someone make my photo into a vector art. I will appreciate it. thanks
  14. S

    photoshop cs6 - Need help exporting path as vector AI file

    I am using photoshop cs6, and I made a path using the pen tool for an image, I now want to export it as an ai file (export path to illustrator) so that I can import it into adobe after effects cs6 and convert it to a shape. But I think the way I create the path in photoshop is not right because...
  15. Z

    My first illustration - two whales!

    I tried drawing in photoshop for the first time, and made a cartoon rendition of me and my little brother in Photoshop. Everything was done with a mouse and the pen tool. You can read more about it here!
  16. N

    Resizing a vector mask with feather

    Hi guys! This particular thing has me stumped and maybe you can help :) I have a vector shape, for example a circle with a feather of 5px and I want to scale up the entire image. When I increase the image size, the feather on the shape doesn't scale with it and stays at 5px. This is extremely...
  17. R

    Vector Layers

    Hello all! I am starting to use the pen tool and vector layers to draw my objects. I have created my image and now want to add it to a different .jpg file. How can i do this without losing the image quality/resolution?
  18. V

    Create a Magical Vector Landscape Using Illustrator

    Today, we have another Vector tutorial, Learn how to paint imaginative landscapes in vector. Today, Zzanthia shares her workflow with us. If you’re looking to create unique vector illustrations, with an exotic feel, then this tutorial is a must read. View Now Tutorial Details * Program...
  19. V

    How to Illustrate a Vector Kitchen Pot

    Today, we have another Vector tutorial. In today’s tutorial well be creating a kitchen pot in a shiny, realistic vector style. Learn to use various Illustrator tools to create this high quality artwork, step-by-step, using a professional vector workflow. View Now Tutorials Details *...
  20. V

    Vector Pack – Color Textures

    Today we have a unique Vector Pack which is created in collaboration with the stock artist FantasyStock. We have for you 25 Color Textures which are 100% Vector – available in .AI and .EPS format! Download Now * Download This Pack: Vector Pack Vector Textures There are 25 vector...