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Create a Magical Vector Landscape Using Illustrator


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Today, we have another Vector tutorial, Learn how to paint imaginative landscapes in vector. Today, Zzanthia shares her workflow with us. If you’re looking to create unique vector illustrations, with an exotic feel, then this tutorial is a must read. View Now


Tutorial Details

* Program: Adobe Illustrator CS2 – CS5
* Difficulty: Advanced
* Estimated Completion Time: 5 hours+
* View This Tutorials and Download Source: Magical Vector Landscape - VideoCreative!

Final Product What You’ll Be Creating

This Tutorial is Filled with Professional, Creative Instructions

Today you have a great chance to learn the secrets of creating a real illustration. This artwork belongs to the series of illustrations called “Hanami” which will be participating in the illustration competition for a children’s book. “Hanami” is Japanese for “festival of enjoying cherry blossoms.” The “Hanami” series has been created by Catherine Dedova (great vector artist). In this tutorial, she will share the secrets of her skills with us. This tutorial will be useful for all vector fans, from beginners to professionals.


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That's some nice vector work there. I will bookmark this tut for when I get my PC back. (which I miss soooo much) I am a big fan of Illustrator, but still have a lot to learn.