1. C

    A newbie in Photoshop, trying to work out a Facebook Fan Page logo......

    This is my first attempt, I know it's looking so crappy. Comments are most welcome. :cheesygrin: or if anyone here knows of someone who are interested in making one for a fee, please drop me a private message. Cheers~! Darren
  2. Z

    Create a shadowed button coming out of page

    Hi, bit of a noobie been using photoshop a bit and have something I want to create but not sure how to. I want to have a shadow effect hole in a white page and then put a button within the whole. To make it look like a webpage has a hole in it, that then has a button in it. Any ideas would be...
  3. A

    Does anyone know of a free web page design program?

    I am looking for a free web design program suitable for beginners, can anyone help? any tips for hosting a web page would also be gratefully received.
  4. P

    How do you change the background of a page of a book?

    Hello!:wink: I need advice and I hope you can help me ..... I scanned a page of a book that I have to re-print on a sheet of yellow, giving it the background color. The original page has a white background and thought I'd make it transparent (PNG) with the Magic Eraser. The Magic Eraser...
  5. ibclare

    Fooling around with Screen Captures from a friend's FB page

    Just sitting here with my bf, who didn't have to go in to work tonight, watching reruns on tv. Had Photoshop open still, so that's trouble! Thought I'd give friend Marsha a treat. Or a shock. So, this is not fascinating photography nor exciting graphics, but it was fun anyway.