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  1. IamSam

    Digital Painting: Hair 101

    Ok, for this first installment we are just going to cover the very basics of how I paint hair. For this tut, I will only use the Brush Tool, no special brushes, and black and white as my pallet. I'm using a Wacom Intuos tablet. My basic brush settings for the hair brush are: Mode: Normal...
  2. MoltresRider

    Define Pattern cut off

    I am having an issue where randomly when telling Photoshop to define a pattern, Photoshop with cut the top or the side of the pattern off every time I try to define a pattern, (see screenshot). It looks like it still will be tileable on this but that is not always the case when this problem...
  3. MoltresRider

    Converting Gimp Gradients to Photoshop Gradients?

    Converting Gimp brushes and Gimp patterns into Photoshop brushes and patterns is fairly simple, open the Gimp brush or the Gimp pattern as an image in Gimp, export as png, open in Photoshop, define the brush or pattern as a brush or pattern. Gradients, however; you cannot save then as a regular...
  4. MoltresRider

    scaled pattern fill?

    I was converting all my old gimp patterns into Photoshop patterns, prior to doing so, I noticed that there was a scale option for patterns when I was editing a layer style I found on the internet. I decided to not make the smaller of the same patterns into Photoshop patterns assuming there was a...
  5. Pixel and Bracket

    Photoshop Tutorial: Gradient Pattern Background

    In this video we're going to learn how to create a gradient pattern background. We will be using both Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, however, if you only have access to Photoshop I have provided the source files as well. Source Files...
  6. C

    Placing a pattern in a shirt w/ realistic look

    Hello, I generally consider myself pretty good at Photoshop but I'm completely stumped with this. I'm trying to put various patterns into a blank shirt and make it look as realistic as possible. I tried changing the pattern layer blending mode to Color but it practically disappeared. I guess...
  7. F

    How can I make ornement pattern like this one?

    Hello, I was wondering how is it possible to make this kind of ornements background? I guess there is a pattern but I don't know how to do that. I have an other question. I searched "ornement pattern" on Google but I didn't find a lot of interesting ornements. Where can I find some?
  8. kerby

    How to quickly create seamless textures in Photoshop CC

    Greetings PSG. I work for an architecture firm, doing lots of visualization/renderings, and textures are one of the most important parts of this job. I'd like to share with you a technique that I use almost every day to create tileable, seamless textures. Application: Adobe Photoshop CC 2015...
  9. B

    Name these seamless tile repeating patterns. How can I get or make them?

    What this kind of pattern is called and Where can i get it ? Gurus Please suggest .Please see the attached images. Thanks in advance :naughty::naughty: Pattern - 1 Pattern - 2 Pattern - 3
  10. Sywa

    How to create dots pattern like this

    Hi Gurus, I really like this dots pattern on one shutterstock's image collection. It seems been created by using halftone effect or bitmap halftone screen in PS, but I couldn't get the same look. I meant on this picture, the dots are sitting nicely side by side (not overlapping). Please advise...
  11. M

    Anyone here helps me with this please :D

    I got problem when enlarging the image below, can anyone here help me draw the pattern again in transparent as PSD file ? Thank you in advance :D
  12. J

    how to apply a color and gradient to a transparent pattern?

    Hi, great forum! I am trying to use a pattern, where I can make changes to it's color, and try out gradients on it 'on the fly' to see the results. I already have the pattern. It's a simple repeating hexagon pattern with a transparent background. 1. The pattern itself is monochrome (currently...
  13. R

    livery/ skin - creation for racing vehicle

    dear all, I am a complete newbie, but i have managed to learn step by step, and i usually don't immediately ask or post or go to someone for help. this is something special though i am creating, for a brother/ dedication piece to a brother in arms, who lost his life overseas this summer. (he...
  14. M

    Putting an animal texture on another animal.

    Hi, my name is Menno and i'm new to the forum. I have some experience with photoshop, but not a lot. I've been searching on google for a good tutorial on how to transfer a pattern of an animal onto another one, like a zebra pattern on a white cat. But i think i've been using the wrong terms to...
  15. B

    How to make this (attached Image )kind of pattern ?

    How to make this (attached Image )kind of pattern ? Actually i tried to do it with 5 px*5px transparent and with 300 resolution and draw a straight line using pencil tool and define it as a pattern and then apply it on an image.But some how am not getting the similar pattern am actually looking...
  16. S

    Removing Leopard Skin

    Hi Everyone, I am hoping someone can help. I am using Photoshop Elements Editor 12 and want to be able to remove a leopard skin pattern dress colour and change it to a simple black or navy. I attach a small extract of the pattern. I want the image to look realistic, not a blank colour block...
  17. T

    Brushes Help to find or create a spesific brush!

    Hi, just recently got a new computer and deleted my old photoshop stuff on my old computers harddrive. In that process my favourite brush got deleted... and now i cant find it again. The look of the brush was a triangle and it was set at 30px as standard. At standard it would create a very...
  18. I

    Where to find this point pattern/texture?

    Hello gurus, I'm here because I want to replicate a logo/sticker that I saw recently and which I attach here. It's a text with light reflections, on a red circle with a sort of fabric-pois texture on it, on the red surface... I don't even knowhow to call it and so I have no clue on how to look...
  19. Z

    Can some one teach how to make these pixel pattern?Cross hatch, diagonal, dots etc..

    Hi Gurus please teach us how to make these pixel pattern which we we see regularly on web sites? Cross hatch, diagonal, dots patterns? Usually i do by 100*100 canvas and draw a diagonal line and save as a transparent png and define it as a pattern. How you gurus do .Please give me your...
  20. Coffee_Girl

    Please help! How can i change the texture of fabirc but still keep the creases?

    Hi guys! I am a noobie and I desperately need your help. I am trying to get into retexturing items for my Sims game but I can't seem to find a tutorial that will allow me to change a texture but maintain the original image's shadows and creasing. I attached a photo of what I am looking for...