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  1. xanther

    how do you create this dithered pixel effect?

    hey guys really need to figure out how these dudes created this image... firstly was it done in pshop? if so with what techniques? i tried using indexed colour in the image>mode, with palette>uniform, dither>pattern but still didnt get the high quality that these guys got. i tried saving as a...
  2. L

    Edit type in more than one text layer at once

    Hi there, I am trying to design a pattern with different peoples names in (You can see a rough one I did in the image below, all the 'NAME HERE''s are on seperate text layers) and would like to know if there is a way to update all the type (i.e. change the 'NAME HERE' to actual names) at once? I...
  3. D

    Illustrator 3 color stroke

    Hi everyone im trying to create the border effect in the picture attached, can anyone point me in the right direction. thank you
  4. T

    Wrap a Texture or Pattern Around an Object using the Displace Map

    Here is a video tutorial showing you how to wrap textures around things such as cars, or even body parts or faces to make for cool face paints! Link to the video:- Hope it helps :)
  5. C

    When sending a PSD file, is pattern information contained in the file?

    Hello, I am sending some PSD files to a web dev. company. I was wondering, when they open up my PSD files, will the patterns I have used in my graphics work be present? Or do they have to have the patterns I have used also installed on their computer for photoshop? Do I need to send the pattern...
  6. M

    White Halftone?

    Is there a way to make a white halftone pattern/brush/overlay? I want to screen a colored shape with white dots, not black.
  7. G

    CardStock / Cardboard Texture Advice

    Good Afternoon Everyone, I am seeking some advice in regard to how I might achieve an effect similar to the picture I've attached below. I'm most interested in knowing how you might go about creating this sort of cardboard texture with the speckled pattern. I've noticed a lot of awesome Mobile...
  8. F

    Help with putting mask+pattern onto group

    So I used to be able to do this in CS3, but recently got CS5 and found that I can't exactly do the same anymore. What I did was make a group, then a mask on the group and then the mask was a pattern. I'd make a new layer for the group and anything I did in the group had a nice texture/pattern...
  9. T

    changing a pattern/ print on a shirt into a solid color? Help!!!

    I need to know if there is a way to change a pattern/ print on a shirt into a solid color while keeping the shadow details and natural bends and wrinkles in the garment? HELP!!! =)
  10. N

    How can I create this city pattern?

    Hello! How can I create the pattern in the image below? It's not the green gradient obviously :wink: I saw it on a website and found it interesting. It's supposed to resemble a city map. Thanks!
  11. A

    Help, so stuck! Pattern edge.

    I can't figure out how to duplicate the patterned edge on this pic (see attach). Any and all help much appreciated :).
  12. G

    Problem pattern

    I found some pictures of texture on 'google'.I tried to pattern with 'texture'.But results were not natural.Viewers easily recognize this as puzzles, ...How to make color matches together?Not a different color dots everywhere.:confused: thank
  13. S

    Odd pattern in scanned photo

    My wife gave me an old photo to scan and repair, and it has an odd pattern in it due to the textured photo paper it was originally printed on. I'm pretty handy with Photoshop, but this one has me stumped. Does anybody have a clue as to how to remove this pattern? Any advice would be greatly...
  14. G

    Request for Help - Lines aren't black

    Hi, I have a small project which I am working on for a local gymnastics club that my girl is a member of. I was asked to redesign there club logo. I have something they like but I am having a problem. They need the lines in the lines in the body of the gymnast to be black. They are...
  15. Vafann

    How to make a pattern preview and post patterns

    Heeloo :) I have just been having a blast making photoshop patterns, I could do this forever it feels like :). I have only made a few as a test, but if anyone would like them, I want to know how to share them. 1- How do I best make a preview of them? 2-How do I post them so that others can...
  16. M

    why am i getting this pattern effect

    Hello, i'm quite new at photoshop and today i opened it to practice a tutorial and i'm getting a weird pattern effect but i don't know why. I didn't create any settings to to get it. I've included an image so you can see. how can i remove this effect so i can get a solid color?
  17. B

    Determining the size of a pattern brush?

    Recently started doing web design, and I love me some patterns, however some, like 'different vector pattern' (sorry cant post a link yet, its floral and widely used >_>), are pretty hard to see what the size it truly is just by looking at it. I ended up making a set of pattern overlay layers...
  18. M

    Making a repeating pattern

    Dear gurus, I have to prepare a file where a pattern repeats seamlessly. The pattern I'm using is already fixed so that I just need to place the repeating "tiles" next to each other. What I should do is to make a file where the pattern is repeated three times (horizontally aligned). The width...
  19. B

    Problem with Pattern Maker

    Hi I using CS2 on a pc and i'm having trouble with the Pattern Maker filter. I've used it before with no problem but it has suddenly stopped working. I open a file, select an area using the rectangular marquee tool and then select Pattern Maker from the filter menu. Instead of the Pattern...
  20. Rooster

    Copy A Pattern From A Picture {Please Help}

    Hi this is my 1st post here and I'm pretty new to photoshop. I'm trying to copy a pattern on a baby blanket in a photo, there was someone holding the baby and I was able to cut out the hands, and replace it with a general color from the eyedropper tool but now it just doesn't look right with...