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  1. Y

    Specific Can make my house perfect with a good peinture and céramique ?

    Can make my house perfect with a good peinture and céramique ?
  2. Pipsmom

    Getting back to work

    It's amazing how a little time, another "older" birthday and a whole lot of emotion can set you back and you forget stuff..... so I'm throwing myself back into practice so not to think to much..... Not perfect or my best work as I've cant find my caring and precision yet....just taking it slow...
  3. chrisdesign

    3D Zero Gravity

    A rainy day is perfect Blender day.
  4. W

    photoshop printing size

    hi, i have used photoshop for quite a while and always had trouble with printing sizes but just put up with it, i am now at the point where i need something printed precisely as i have made them on photoshop. however when i print the image or images the sizes are never the same as what they...
  5. A

    Adding a dog

    Can someone please add the brown dog next to our two dogs? We want to prank our mother about buying another dog. :) I need that dog: Next to our two dogs here: Their size should be about the same. :) I know that second picture is not perfect, but it will be ok for phone message, quality is...
  6. S

    i need the perfect design for the perfect girl

    i need the perfect tattoo for the perfect girl, i have uploaded the photo. i want the word changed to "Georgia" instead of Forever. I want a little "1st" on the top left corner of the ribbon. I need a tag hanging off the back of the arrow saying "TRUST" i need where the arrow has pierced...
  7. S

    Help changing background

    Can someone please help me edit the background so it doesn't look like they are in a garage? A blank background or an outdoor background would be perfect. Thank you!
  8. agentmoeller

    Curious about this photo.....

    .... this picture accompanied an article on Yahoo this morning. The reflection of the BOEING name and logo seem suspiciously perfect in the water on the ground. Just thought it looked a little shopped. Any other opinions? Agent
  9. S

    3D text render bevel?

    OK this is my first post on here, so thank you to anyone who can help me here i really appreciate it. also i apologise if this has been asked before but im not quite sure how to ask what i want. ok i have rendered my logo is 3d using extrusion and postcard etc. here is the result what i want...
  10. A

    Quick selection quircks

    I have PS Elements 13 I used "quick select" to remove the sky in this image, but got a not so perfect result. The issue is that the ground seems pixelated after I removed the sky. How can I make the ground smooth? I know how to do it after removing the sky but I can't use that because the...
  11. S

    3D Need help

    Hello, I need advice on how to make this picture perfect. Thank you.
  12. T

    Is there a simple way to make fonts look hand drawn?

    What I mean is, the edges of fonts to look like they've been hand-drawn, a bit rough and not perfect.
  13. S

    hi from sunfeaast

    hi my name is sunfeast, and i am a workaholic, i think that i am a nice person, iam very caring n decent, i don't think that i am handsome but after some bbcream makeup everything looks perfect.
  14. B

    Gurus help! Still not able to cut the images from the background perfectly

    Gurus help me teach.Still not able to cut the images from the background perfectly.Today its holiday in here and i tried to do some stuff on my favourite tool photoshop and i googled for some images and found a perfect one to haev a go at it. And i tried to cut that image and hair perfect using...
  15. G

    Logo Help

    Hi All, So I finally came up with a logo. If anyone can please make this logo all nice and neat and smart that would be a great help.If you can make it a high class file that will be perfect. Feel free to alter it slightly as it is not perfect. Many Thanks!
  16. S

    could somebody do a colour swap please :)

    Hi, could somebody help me do a colour change on my car via photoshop of course. I have forgotton my log in details so on a temp account :( its for a college project. Would be greatful doesnt have to be perfect. Basically i would like the car silver as in the pic. Thanks in advance
  17. K

    Red eye removal

    When I photograph certain species of spiders sometimes there's a weird reflection in one or both eyes. I guess it's the equivalent of "red eye" in humans. I tried using the Red Eye tool on the image below and it works ok, but it's not perfect. Is there a better way to remove that distracting red...
  18. J

    From image(1) to image(2)

    Hey guys. Im not really that photoshop geek, i know the basics and such. I've decided to improve my photoshop skills. I began making an overlay for a gaming stream but i struggled for hours getting the perfect look. I havent reached the perfect look yet though. I would appreciate if anyone could...
  19. Zain Khan

    Photo to cartoon

    I did this for fun, although I know a lot of work is needed to get this one perfect. What do you think?
  20. M

    Moire on print but not on PDF? What to do?

    Hi Photoshop Gurus I have moire on these images even-though it looked perfect before print? Is there a way i can make a preview that reveals the "hidden" moire? I view it in printview on photoshop(calibrated to my imac screen) "there was a little moire" then saved it as PDF "then no moire"...