1. JustThisGood

    Create the perfect Sepia Tone Effect!

    Thanks for watching PSG!
  2. Paul

    Perfect pooch

    This is a members dog i believe, doing it's own hair:)
  3. Steve

    Perfect Resize 7 formerly Genuine Fractals vs Photoshop Image Size.

    My personal, non scientific, review. I had a 18-135 zoom lens on my camera and wasn't looking for bird shots when somebody said eagle. There he was a bald eagle flying by so I took the shot at 135mm: I cropped and saved it to the size shown. I enlarged the crop from 692 X 508px to...
  4. A

    Pixel Perfect Alignment

    I have a JPEG taken on a tripod at 1280px x 888px. I have taken some video at 1280px x 720px and taken this into Photoshop as layers. I want to align the still image with the video layer and then crop so they are all the same size (eg 1280px x 720px) How best to achieve this so that they...