photo editing

  1. Yorkmove

    Paid Alice in wonderland backdrop

    Hi. I work for a care home and we’ve recently had a mad hatter tea party. I will purchase a digital backdrop and would like the residents and staff photos edited to appear In the foreground looking realistic. We have a £50 budget for this for around 40 photos. I will need to email over the...
  2. 2

    Specific Help with Image Overlay Color Effect

    Good Day Am designing some slides for my website I what to achieve the same effect in first image (example.jpg)*excluding text. I love the colortone of the image and layer overlay effect pls how do i get an exact match, i make use of photoshop cs6 i will like if you provide me with the layer...
  3. C

    Specific Please have fun with photoshoping this into amusing scenarios!

    Hi, I have this photo of me running along when I was abroad and would love to see it photo-shopped into some funny scenarios - be as creative as you want! My brother is having a wind up with me, but I'm not very good at editing so want to beat him at his own game :D like maybe me playing...
  4. M

    Questions about Lo-Fi, 90's flyer style graphics.

    Hello Everybody! I'm new here and I'm looking for someone that can help me with this. I really want to recreate the effect that you see in this image. It's an image producted nowadays but it looks like '90, maybe like a poster printed on raw paper using an old xeroxed machine. You can clearly...
  5. P

    Specific Color Edit, Help!

    Hello there! Would it be possible to edit this design so that the red roses are a blue, preferably dark almost navy? I've tried a few times myself but the detail in the flowers keeps getting lost.
  6. taylor2121

    Specific Addition to the back ground

    Could you please add a background to this picture? Like take out the bleachers and add standing coaches, scouts so on && so forth. They Can be blurred to increase the realism, but i need them to look authentic. Thank you:)
  7. K

    Creative Photoshop request

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone would be able to photoshop the whole background of this picture so that instead of a kitchen it was dark and smokey? Thank you!
  8. L

    Can someone help me with this kissing picture please

    Not sure if its possible but wanted to try and see if someone could do it, i look this picture at my friends wedding and they kissed so fast i wasnt able to capture the actual kiss. can someone photoshop them kissing?
  9. A

    Replace cold drink with Mobile in this pic

    I'm holding a soft drink bottle, could someone edit this photo by replacing it with Mobile or something?
  10. C

    Auto-Blend Layers Problem

    I'd want to stack two images in one with auto-blend layers option , but the problem is it doesn't stack properly , tried with panorama method and also with stack method . What I can do? Can someone share a tutorial or something? This is what looks after auto-blend layers in both methods.The...
  11. S

    Photoshop Artist Needed. Photo editing.

    I have this picture that I created of a mythical creature I've done all I can but need help finishing up the photo. This creature needs a tiger stripe pattern on it, and all I can do is put a mask over it and that just looks terrible. What I wanted was a pattern that warped around the body and...
  12. M

    request: removing cars on photo

    Hé guys, I want to remove the cars on the right on the photo (the black ones) but my photoshop skills aren't that good. Can someone help me out? It's gonna be printed on canvas when it's done! Thank you!
  13. E


    I'm creative image editor. I'm here to share my professional experience in image editing.
  14. L

    Photoshop Image Edit

    Hey, Just wondering how to edit images so they look like the one linked below? I've tried several trick and photoshop actions, but I never seem to quite right. Some help would be greatly appreciated. L
  15. M

    Can anyone help me do photoshop (face off/replace a face) some picture?

    Can anyone help me do photoshop (face off/replace a face) some picture? It's kind of a prank for my friend's birthday, please help. Thanks ^^
  16. C

    Photo Editing Technique

    Hey All, Thanks in advanced for any help/suggestions. I've been experimenting with different photoshop actions and filters. While working on a project for a client i came across some photos and I wasn't quite sure how they would done. I was wondering if anyone in the forum knew how to...
  17. B

    i'm new, can someone help me please?!

    Hi, I was just wondering if anyone could photoshop this for me? :redface: My grandpa wants himself cropped out of the photo (he's on the left - the young one in the white) so it's just his parents. it's the last photo his parents ever took together so he would like to be cropped out. Thanks in...
  18. A can this photo be done with this logo???

    hi...i want to substitute man utd logo with this one. i'm familiar with photoshop...i want to make this as real as possible....also if anyone has stock images of rpping of shirt like this can send me.thnks in adv.
  19. A

    help wanted...

    hi, i saw a picture on the web... so my question is ,is there anyway i can do this logo and have an effect like above one....please help.
  20. Jbknight3

    Hey everyone. This is gonna be fun. A bunch of people with my interests.

    Hey there. My name is Jon. I love photography and Photoshop. I also edit videos but that not for discussion here most likely! :P I wanted to join this place because I wanted to have a place where everyone has similar interests. A place to go to get opinions on my work, help other with their...