1. J

    problems with photomerge

    HI. i have been trying too merge images together in photomerge. am doing something wrong as there not merging properly. it probably something am not doing at the beginning. or am i trying too merge too many pictures? Thanks for your help cheers john.
  2. C

    Interactive layout feature missing in Photomerge CC2017

    I know that Adobe has removed it and have been trying other ways to do it. Tried using File > Scripts > Load files into stack and moving things around manually, also tried using the Attempt To Automactly Align Images checkbox, what a mess I end up with. I am trying to merge sections of scans of...
  3. J

    Seamlessly blend two night images (was: ...change the color)

    Hello, Im looking for your help. Last week I shoot some shots in which I tried to merge in a panoramic, the problem is that at the moment to used Photomerge the colors are very uneven, I tried to used the clone stamp tool. My question is how can I change the color in order to look real. Thanks .
  4. M

    Photomerge no longer creating layer masks

    Hi all, Currently experiencing an issue using Photomerge. It no longer is creating any layer masks. When I merge two photos together (ie, focus stacking), it simply stacks one photo on top of another and creates a short border. I was using photomerge this morning and had no issues - it just...
  5. J

    Photomerge freezing

    Hi everyone, I have Photoshop CS6 and have noticed that when I try to use Photomerge with any more than 5 or 6 images it freezes after loading the first 2 or 3, it never gets to the aligning stages etc. and never displays an error message, Photoshop just stops as if it thinks that the Photomerge...
  6. J

    Photomerge chooses blurred images - how to correct.

    Hi Guys and Gals, I'm taking a product photo (product is 24x14 of various colors and shapes), using a 100mm macro lens. It creates great images, but the area of focus is so small I have to take 40 or so images to make sure everything is sharp. I then use photomerge to create a giant panorama...
  7. A

    Problems merging 2 photos

    I have used photomerge exposure before to combine a few different angled photos of the same thing to create an arty image. But when I tried this again today it doesn't look the same and doesn't seem to work at all. What I'm trying to do: I have 1 photo. I rotated this photo by 180 to make it...
  8. P

    White line appearing when using Photomerge in CS2

    Hello I have been trying to merge 4 pictures together using photomerge in Photoshop CS2 and having a problem with a white transparent line that appears on the image after merging.I have tried a big overlap but notice it still appears also I have tried minimal overlap but still the same.Ideally...