1. P

    need help putting photos together

    Hi Could some of the experts try and put these photos together, i want the first photo adding to the 2nd and 3rd photo if possible, i know the light isnt good on the first photo compared to the other 2 with the kids on.
  2. C

    HELP: How do they accomplish this with the photos?

    Hello all! I am new to Photoshop Gurus, although I have check out stuff on your site before for various projects...always good stuff!! Just wanted to reach out and check in and see how they might accomplish this with the photos they used: Thanks for the help! Cheers!
  3. E

    photoshop edit

    Hi I was seeing if anyone could edit some photos for me I need the following photos resized and enhanced anyway you can to make it look the best. The size needed is [12x18 inch (30x45 cm) landscape. It is being printed on a canvas. Appreciate your help. thanks!
  4. J

    Sepia in Photoshop CS6

    Can you please let me have a simple method for turning colour photos to sepia with Photoshop CS6? Many thanks in advance. JoeJ
  5. N

    how to split/angle multiple pictures?

    This seems somewhat simple to make but i don't know how to split a photo up into fours or trios -- then angle the photos. It looks like the end of each picture at the angle has a blended colorless stroke? how do i complete that? Thank you.
  6. D

    70s family photo effect

    So, I want to make one of those awkward family photos for a christmas card this year. I know how what needs to be done to get the effect, but I just don't really know HOW to achieve it. The old grainy and washed out effect is giving me a lot of problems and I was wondering if anyone knows of a...
  7. L

    Could someone swap me in these two pictures?

    I hiked to Kjeragbolten recently. I know it's picky, but the photos that I like most are the ones that are zoomed out. Unfortunately, those are the ones that are not posed! Is there any way that someone could cut out one of the photos of me that is posed and zoomed in and photoshop me onto one...
  8. K

    remove shaddow outline around people. Make background one colour

    CAN NOT UPLOAD PHOTOS???? had these photos 'professionally' done however when received images on disk the shadow outline around the people is terrible. I own copyright of these images form photographer. She said she can not remove this for me. :neutral:
  9. P

    Someone please help!

    Hi! I'm wondering if there is someone that can get rid of what appears to be a black eye under my right eye. Greatly appreciated!
  10. A

    1000 photos to 250 gifs form 4 photos

    Hi, I have 1000 photos and I want to change them to gif files. One gif = 4 next photos. Is there any way to change that photos automatically to 250 gifs ?:) Best regards, Adam
  11. Matt8444

    Badge swap

    Hi, Does anyone fancy the challenges of changing the Madrid badge on the right lens of this photo and replacing it with the badge I have provided please? Many Thanks
  12. S

    Just saying hello

    Hey there. New to the page. Obviously. So i stopped here to say hi and a bit about me. So i am a photoshop hobbyist i guess. I like to fiddle with it and watch tutorials. But its mostly on ohe people's photos. I dont own a nice camera yet.... so its really Nothing serious. I do eventually...
  13. A

    Question on image edits

    Hi, I am new to editing my own photos and my goal is to achieve the look of these photos below. I have played around with exposure, contrast, and all the basics and have not achieved this so far. The edits below have some sort of 'luminance' that I can not seem to figure out. Any sort of...
  14. G

    Old Creepy Halloween Photos Restored

    Hello everyone, Today I bring to this awesome forum a restoration of two old Halloween creepy photos. Here is the Speedart/Timelapse. :cheesygrin: First: Second:
  15. C

    Can someone please edit those wedding photos?

    Hey Community, I got a request for you guys :) I would be pleased if someone can help me out My girlfriend and me were on a wedding. It was quite fun! A Photographer took some photos of us. But I dont like my wrinkle/crease in my suit (pic 1-3). Is it possible to flatten/remove that, so it...
  16. S

    White balance on some photos

    Would someone be willing to make white balance on these photos? I need the background to be white. I need it for my science project. Thanks very much :)
  17. L

    Hi I'm New! I need help combining two photos for color restoration.

    Hi Gurus! A friend of mine gave me two copies of his family's portrait photo which was taken about 20-30 years ago. The 8x10 is severely faded but in otherwise excellent condition. He had someone at his company work on it in Photoshop a few years ago and it is cleaned up nicely but is very...
  18. J

    Red lines

    I'm printing id badges and when I use photoshop to change the picture I have to resize the photos! When I print the badges the photos printing out with lines thru the face of the photo! Have anyone experienced this? And how can I make the badges print clear?
  19. M

    Creating movie from photos

    I have a series of photos (120) of an object rotating. I would like to convert them to show them as a continuous movie at 24fps. So, I don't want Ken Burns effects, transitions etc., simply each one on screen for 1/25 sec in turn. I looked at the movie section of PS and can create a movie, but...
  20. P

    Can someone please fix so both girls are looking at the camera please ;)

    I was hoping someone could help me and fix one of these photos so both girls are looking at the camera together... please ;) Thank you