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photoshop cs6

  1. deepshah095

    Smoke Text Effect

    Learn how to create this smoke text effect in Photoshop :)! Happy learning! Video tutorial :-
  2. deepshah095

    Watercolor Painting Effect

    Learn how to create this Watercolor painting effect in Photoshop :) Youtube tutorial link :-
  3. H

    Qaulity Issue with line work

    Hi, So I've been using PS cs6 for a while, with a particular interest in drawing manga/anime. Obviously for this I will be doing a lot of drawing/linework. Everytime I try and draw, I find it very difficult because I have noticed that my lines seem to be somewhat pixelated or rough. like...
  4. T

    Fake Detective (Snake)

    First post. Enjoyed :lol:
  5. B

    How to convert Actions from Photoshop CS6 to Photoshop CC

    Hi! My name is Benoit Leblanc I'm new with Photoshop... We changed our computer and we also change the version of photoshop from CS6 to CC We have some very complex action in our previous computer using CS6 and when I tried to import these action in the new computer using CC, they simply...
  6. M

    Everything in Photoshop CS6 gets pixelated

    I have a problem with photoshop. Everything I do gets pixelated. When I paste or place an object from Illustrator CS6 I choose place as smart object and as soon as I pace it it gets pixelated. I have tried with and without the anti-aliased box checked. When the box is checked photoshop...
  7. C

    Why is my stroke pixelated ?

    I have a problem with stroke in PS CS6. (2) When I use stroke on my curve line it looks pixelated and I don't know why ? (1) I did same line before and everything was clean and not pixelated. Here is the zoomed version second one is broken definitely. The problem is only with stroke. It...
  8. H

    Tshirt Sizing

    Good Day/Night to all, I'm here to ask a quick question. When using Photoshop to design a Tshirt for example, an all over Tshirt and you have the image size set to 300 resolution 26 Width, 29 Height and 7% zoom. Do I have to change the zoom to 100% to see how the design will actually look in...
  9. M

    New to this forum thing

    Whats good everyone. I'm new to the forum scene but i have some pretty good skills in photoshop. Got any questions or suggestions just hit me up or check me out on youtube for some good tutorials. I will probably also post some on here. Youtube name [beemsteemproductions] thanks in advance
  10. A

    Stange bug with the animation in photoshop cs6

    Hello guys, I begin with the animation and I've a little strange bug : I've made a caracter (a duck) and I've made several frames. That will strange is at the frame 8 when I rotate the duck's head : on the frame 8 it's ok but on the frames 1-7 the head is awry : I upload my psd to test I I...
  11. G

    Ghost Hunter looking to learn Photoshop CS6

    Hi everyone, I just found this forum from doing a Google search. I'm a web developer/software developer and yes, I am a Ghost Hunter aka Paranormal Investigator on the weekends. :) I'm currently working on 2 websites and hoping to learn some skills here in photoshop that I can use to spurce...
  12. F

    Help with animated banner gif

    I am trying to create an animated ad using Photoshop CS6. It's very simple. I just want the words to change with each frame. I created three separate frames in the timeline. In the first frame I made a text box, then the next frame I duplicated the layer and hid the other text box layer. I...
  13. M

    New member arrival

    Hi all, Greetings from the Chisholm Trail and the sweeping prairie of Oklahoma. I'm a freelance designer and published writer. I am basically on the ground floor of Photoshop trying to bring my skill up to speed. I was told this was the place I can do it. I make a meager living designing...
  14. V

    Opacity Jitter in photoshop cs6

    I am using photohsop cs6. I have defined a brush preset and I want to change the opacity jitter for that brush. However, the opacity jitter option which comes under transfer in brush panel is being inactive all the time. How do I enable it? Thanks.
  15. T

    How to do a circular gradient?

    Hello! I am trying to create a circular gradient for a ball similar to the one we can find in OSX (see image below). I have created the ball (see attachments ) but I can't find a way to create a gradient that goes around the circle. Why can I only set a solid color on the layer named "ball...
  16. P

    Photoshop cs6 30 day trial version question

    Is there anyone online that can help me with questions I have for the cs6 30 day trial? I downloaded the trial to help me complete a high school class assignment at home. My task is to recreate Kevin from the movie UP and I cannot manage to use the pen tool properly to make his feathers look...
  17. R

    Beafore and after adit on Filter Oil Paint

    Beafore and after adit on Filter Oil Paint, i using filter Oil Paint
  18. B

    Adobe Photoshop Guide: How to make a vector signature - Tutorial #9

  19. B

    Adobe Photoshop Guide: How to make a blend signature - Tutorial #8

  20. B

    Adobe Photoshop Guide: How to make "Tom Clancy" signature - Tutorial #7