1. S

    work with shapes ?!!

    Hi All i want to learn how to cut shapes or convert them to layers for example, im creating a rectangle, then i want to divide into two pieces like the screen shot below, i want to create the two red triangle shape from the rectangle:
  2. C

    Help for charity website

    Hello all, I am in the process of starting a website to sell things for charity. I am doing this on my own time and dime. I am hoping one of you may be able to change the words on the puzzle pieces to "Connections for Charity" in the same font that is currently being used. Thank you for your...
  3. A

    Terrain Design !

    Pay: $250-325 Length: 4-6 days Project: I need a pro to take a chance with this project. I will need a 8193x8193 res file, the file should contain all the pieces of the terrains below but with seamless transitions and accurate depth for each section. The image should represent a height map...
  4. Z

    3 pieces of college work i found

    Hey guys I found these three pieces on my old hard disk... I was just about starting to look at 3d at this point, I screwed myself over with this one as the module after this would've fit perfectly with these images XD having said that, the module later got me into 3D, sooo. :P anyway...
  5. M

    How to break an image into pixel size pieces?

    I have this Cheese image which is sliced worm-shape. I want to know how to fragment/break it into pixel sized pieces, to look like sand. Pixellate might be a way, but it also applies a lot of new colors which are very different from the original size. And also Pixellate is not the smallest way...
  6. L

    Some of my pieces

  7. P

    Need artwork combined into two pieces

    I have several cartoon/anime images that I need modified and put together in a creative way for two landscape images. Need this done within the next day or so, sooner if possible. Post here or PM me. Thanks! Edit: Services are no longer needed. Thanks for the interest