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  1. S

    Around text problem

    Hello guys! I created a picture in Photoshop. Within the program, I no have problem with pictures, but when I uploaded on facebook, around the text there are pixlels. I dont know what is the problem. I have attached two pictures. I hope can you help me.
  2. B

    YT-Profile Picture

    Hi, I'm an hobby-youtuber an I haven't got a profile picture yet. I'm would like an mix of a fish, a banana and a pineapple. It must not exceed 800x800 pixel. :cheesygrin:Thanks in advance: Banananassfisch
  3. T

    Paid Need 5 banner / graphics for my blog (50 $)

    Hello, I need a banner-set for my blog (ask URL per PM or mail): ? button (88x31 Pixel) ? mikcobutton (80x15 Pixel) ? banner (468x60 Pixel) ? seal, round (125x125 Pixel) All banners need to be static, not-animated. I use a simple bootstrap-design for the blog. I pay 50 US-Dollar via PayPal...
  4. T

    Brush opacity and feathering algorithms - just a discussion.

    Opacity is 'fill' level for brush. So a brush at 100% opacity will 'fill' at 100%. So why then, does it take three brush strokes to reach maximum fill at 50% opacity (when logic says it should take 2), and seven brush strokes to reach maximum fill at 25% opacity (when it should take 4)...
  5. S

    Batch Automation Automated aspect ratio???

    Hey all, Just like to say hi, thins is my first post here, I've been wracking my brains over this one. I need to take 100s of jpegs of different sizes and have an action or AppleScript crop them to a specific aspect ratio, say for example 4:3. But I want it to do this regardless of pixel...
  6. A

    [NSFW] Requesting additonal transparency on this gif.

    Could someone please make the area directly around the girl transparent? It may be hard to notice, but there's a border about one pixel wide around the girl that is still white, or otherwise noticeably discolored compared to the rest of the image. You'll likely have to add a contrasting color to...
  7. B

    Blowing up images

    Hi all, New here, need some advice as a total newbie. I'm designing some charity posters for my mum and I have a logo that is going to be blown up to about 100cmx100cm when the logo is blown up the inner section is well defined but the outer areas pixelate - the file is already as high-res as...
  8. M

    Pixel Strugle

    Hello everybody, I Joined this forum today to find PS knowledge and advice. I am a 3D modeller and started recenlty with texturing my models. PS has always been more a Pixel Strugle for me than a good tool to control pixels. So I need to learn, see and experience the power of PS. Have a great day !
  9. IamSam

    Our best instructional video tutorials in one place!

    Photoshop Quick Tip: How to Duplicate Layers Created by Pixel and Bracket
  10. Pixel and Bracket

    Hello Everyone!

    Hey guys, hope you're all doing well. I recently started using the Pixel & Bracket name as an outlet for game development, tutorials, and all things I find creative and interesting. Pixel essentially represents the creative side, where Bracket encompasses the more analytical/mathematical side...
  11. chrisdesign

    3D The Devil's Attack

    Composite with 3D Objects. I'm starting to like Pixel Squid. It was much fun doing this.
  12. E

    Warp tool pixel problem

    Hi, when i use warp tool, the edges are not smooth but pixel like this.. any ideas?
  13. AlcopopStar

    Hello from a pixel artist!

    Hey Gang, I'm a freelance pixel artist who used Photoshop professionally but still has a lot to learn. Looking to get some questions answered and maybe answer a few in return. :)
  14. AlcopopStar

    [Help] Automated Clean 1 Pixel Lines?

    Hello Forum! I'm a pixel artist, and I enjoy sketching with the pencil tool in Photoshop, the issue being I spend a lot of my time cleaning lines, in particular I spend a lot of time getting rid of the blocky bits of the linework that tends to crop of with fluid use of the pencil tool. I did a...
  15. A

    How does photoshop measure area and count pixels?

    The area of a circle that is 100 W X 100 H should be 7853.98 (Pix50x50). However, when I record measurements for this circle, the area displayed in my measurement log gives me 5720. My measurement scale is set to 1 pixel = 1 pixel. Furthermore, in my histogram I get "Pixels: 5640." What is...
  16. T

    How to see actual 16-bit pixel values instead of 8-bit representation of 16-bit?

    Hi, I would like to see pixel values of 16-bit TIFF images in Photoshop CC2014. I'm able se 8-bit (0-255) pixel values using he histogram and info tabs but it seems that when 16-bit images are opened the pixel values are still displayed from 0-255. I want to do to see this information for...
  17. M

    How to break an image into pixel size pieces?

    I have this Cheese image which is sliced worm-shape. I want to know how to fragment/break it into pixel sized pieces, to look like sand. Pixellate might be a way, but it also applies a lot of new colors which are very different from the original size. And also Pixellate is not the smallest way...
  18. M

    determining the color of a pixel

    Hello everyone. I'm trying to clean up jpg images so my automation program can covert them to vector images more easily. I need to replace pixels on a pixel by pixel basis with a pencil tool. How can I determine the color of an existing pixel, so I can color match? Thanks to all who reply.
  19. H

    Checky Pixel Patterns

    Hi All, Does anyone know why there is sometimes a checky pixel pattern on my images and if there is a solution or way of avoiding it. See pic for eg. Many Thanks
  20. ub3rfunk

    Pixel Art Hotkey Question

    Hey all, Quick question: I'm working on some pixel art, and I often find myself manually (and frequently) changing the brightness of my selected color to shade, highlight, etc. Is there a hotkey to increase/decrease the brightness of my selected color while painting? Many thanks