1. K

    Christening Tarpaulin Design

    Sorry guys dont know how to work this thing.. Still exploring the site and I cant find the upload photo (oopppss.. not compatible through mobile phone)
  2. T


    Can someone pls photoshop a good sized musky in this picture
  3. Sidney Marshell

    Check out my Star wars movie poster

    Thank you for the help! Two months of hard work is finally finished.! Pls comment.! If you guys look at the original image, you will never believe i have done this with it.
  4. V

    resize image

    Hi i have two attachments with different in size i want to make second image size similar to vibha.jpg.but i cant do it pls help
  5. M

    can someone pls remove the guy behind?

    the one that looks kinda dead
  6. Marc_Gforce

    Guide me pls!

    I have two pictures. Let's call this picture is A And this picture is B I want to make B have the same color at A so I use Match color but when I do, it look like this Pls help me!!!!!!!!
  7. T

    Help with photoshop

    I need someone to help me photoshop 2 pictures into 1, nothing big, I think its a simple thing. I just dont know how to do it, and I dont have photoshop. If someone is interested in helping pls PM me.
  8. G

    How to make these globes? (Pls see picture)

    Hi Folks, I am studying PS and using the attached file to learn new techniques. The file is from Digital by Mark Sedgwick. I am a bit stuck on how the blue semi transparent globes were made. I can get close, but I can't seem to get it right especially the white/pink highlight on each...
  9. A

    Need help pls

    Hi everyone, im trying to create an effect with some text that looks like its moving in the design. Like its coming from a point in the distance and is moving closer to you but i wanted to position it in a way where its coming from all sides and the letter closest to the front of the design...