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  1. S

    Remove Person

    Good Morning Forum! Thank you so much for helping me with the following editing : attached is a photo of my son jumping over his aunt into the pool. As adorable as the aunt is, can you please remove her from the image? I am wanting the image to show just my son jumping into the pool. My...
  2. K

    Photo edit help

    Can someone please help me look like we're dripping water like we just got out of the pool? Thanks in advance Images were too large
  3. E

    help with Labor Day photo!

    can someone please edit out the pool lounge chairs to the right of this pic near the bottom? THANKS! :)
  4. Taylor Ott

    Need help defining picture

    Hello, I need help defining this picture if you would kindly feel to do so. I need the baby in the pool to seem more like she is actually on the water in the baby pool. i need the babies face to be able to be more clear and seen better, but also blending in well with the rest of the picture...
  5. S

    Photoshop request

    Can someone please remove the blue baby pool from the background of this photo?
  6. Eggy

    Pets enjoying the pool

    Last week I wasn't very active on the forum because we had something they called a 'heat wave' with temp over 30° C the whole past week. No need to say I spend more time in my temporary pool with my wife and our pets. I'd like to share some shots of this event... :biglaff: For a change I...
  7. S

    A Request to remove two objects

    Hi there. I Need to remove the people who are inside the pool and the guy standing on the top left corner (outside the pool). any help with that will be highly appreciated. Thanks! :wink:
  8. M

    Request - combine sequence of images of someone jumping into pool

    Hi,I am looking for a tutorial on combining multiple images of some one jumping into a pool. I have tried stacking images, converting them to smart objects and using stack mode. The best I could find was using "mean", but when using 2 images I found where the background was the same everything...
  9. F

    Dog splash

    For a few years now, swimming pools in the Netherlands organize a "dog splash" at the end of the season; They stop adding chlorine to the pool and then one day you can go with your dog. Next day pool is emptied and bye bye until Easter. I love doing this, especially since my cocker loves diving...
  10. Paul

    In the pool

    This is a approved photo of my lady wife, doing her synchronised swimming routine:mrgreen: It's a $80 under water camera. I recoloured it and did some tricks to it - critique please.
  11. Barrettathome

    Simple Design Due to First Stie I Coded

    This design is simple due to the fact that I have never coded a site before.
  12. Paul


    Our pool began today, the guys dug it out quic sharp, and the pools in now slowly filling up, just got to lay header bull nose edgers and then lay pavers and do the pool fence, should be swimming in a week if it clears and the PH as settled out, hope so its been 36c here again today. :)
  13. Paul

    My pool

    This is our pool out back, i had the sites logo tiled on the pool floor:wink: