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  1. W

    Need help with touching up a portrait

    I was wondering if anyone had any good suggestions on removing dirt from this little girls hand (her right). I have tried everything I can think of but nothing looks natural.
  2. Hoogle

    Using puppet warp for portrait touch up

    I Have started to use puppet warp tool which is a new feature in cs5 but really only used it in typography. I have seen someone animate a video entirely from 1 photo using this tool making it look like someone was walking it is a very clever tool. But here is a simple video to show you how it...
  3. RedneckR0nin

    Just a self portrait I played with

    I am trying to be more spontanous in my creation of such so every once in awhile I just start making something...sometimes I keep it most of the times I just delete them taking knowledge out it anyway! I know the bottom could use work but I just made this a couple nights ago!
  4. R

    Retouch of a studio portrait

    So a friend of mine gave this to me and wanted me to enhance it. The contrast was wrong and he didn't like some of the other elements present on his subject. I didn't change the wrist cuff, although I wish I could it's ugly.
  5. S

    Request to Colorize/Touch Up a B&W Portrait - $10

    My mom's birthday is coming up and I would like to colorize one of her old black and white photos. I tried but the colors come out too vivid/fake, and not natural enough. It's a pretty basic photo with just a few colors required so if you're good it probably won't take you more than 10-15...
  6. T

    I need to retouch sample photos for my portfolio. Where should/can I post a request?

    I have been an in-studio portrait retouch artist for over 7 years and am not able to use the images in my portfolio. I would like to start doing some freelance work but I need samples! I was hoping I could post something requesting some photos to retouch. Does anyone have any suggestions...