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  1. M

    Specific Photoshop request!

    Please could you remove 1. The mom and the kid in the background 2. The face of the old lady right behind me Thanks in advance! ❤
  2. D

    Work in Progress My first mockup

    This is a mockup. I intend to write a program in Javascript to automate the replacement of the 5 polaroids photos. What do you think of this idea and the general composition of this mockup? All ideas will be welcome.
  3. M

    Specific Please brighten face and fish!

    Hi! I’m looking for help improving the quality look of the image, lifting the shadow off of my face and brightening facial features (ex eyes, teeth, hair) and making the fish stand out. Thank you!!
  4. L

    Rubik's Cube Mosaic - Complex Request

    Hi there everyone! I am doing Rubik's Cube Mosaics of 720 cubes (24x30 cubes - 72x90px) - You can see one of them here on my channel: I am asking you if you could teach me how can I make the quality of my portraits. I am using an online mosaic creator for my mosaics with little effects like...
  5. C

    Photo inside person.

    Hello! I'm just wondering how somebody would be able to make pictures like this! I tried a few times but could not seem to find a good way to do it. Thank you very much! Full Photo
  6. R

    Photoshop Request to look like portrait

    Hi, I'd just like to get this photo edited to where teeth are slightly whiter, face is smoother, and just any enhancement to make the picture look like a professional portrait. Thanks!
  7. mike998

    I need 3 cartoon portrait to be made for me $15.00

    I need 3 cartoon portrait to be made for me look at the picture to see what I want .
  8. K

    I need an edit of this picture of my grandfather´s family

    Hey guys, my grandfather`s birthday is around the corner and therefore I want to give him three "portraits" of his parents and a close relative as a present. Unfortunately I just have one picture of them so could you please make some sort of "portrait" of each person? This is the original...
  9. W

    help change my background please

    hello! I would like to change my background. Please remove the top rail of the chair, the big frame, and the flowers. (The books and the tiny frames can stay, but it's up to you) I want my background to be plain and simple but not very white I want to make it appear as if it was taken in the...
  10. S

    portrait of the girl 2 golden ratio

    hello please cprrect
  11. S

    Portrait of the girl

    Please correct me, critics allowed, at this photo i used golden ratio layer, i dont like eyebrows but thats what golden ratio telling to do
  12. A

    Portrait picture

    Hey there! I've got two portrait images which I want to use as CV pictures. Unfortunately I had to take them with the phone camera and poor light. The following things should be done: - Replace background with something "professional" - Fix light - Fix color - Remove reflection on glasses...
  13. O

    Hello from Dallas Texas (introduction)

    Dear All, I am new to the forum and before I started to ask questions about PS. I would like to say few sentences about me. I am an amateur photographer looking to get better post processing knowledge. I am focusing on landscape and portrait work at the moment. I am an avid traveler and this...
  14. E

    Portrait Retouch Before/After

    A little before and after retouch of a friend's portrait. Before He wanted to look a little skinnier.
  15. C

    sweet little angel

    I like doing portrait but also love photoshop.
  16. K

    Portrait game character editing

    those are 2 first tries I ve done editing portraits. tried to redraw the hair on the second one.
  17. chrisdesign

    3D 3D Female Portrait

    Photoshop 3D work. Created shapes with the pen tool, based on a female portrait. Filled the shapes with 50% Grey. Extruded the layers. Played with 2 different color lights. Leather texture.
  18. D

    How to select background only while editing portrait?

    While replacing background color in a portrait, somehow one third of background got selected (not touching the face). Later I was able to erase the selection with a corresponding tool so, that only the selection was erased even if I clicked on the face itself. Please let me know how I have made...
  19. ugur

    Portrait Retouch

    This is a portrait of my friend which was taken in 2006 by my old sony r1. I found the picture while organising my photo archive and thought that it was a nice portrait with some problems. I tried to solve them with PS. Hair masking is not as good as i want but i am getting better by reading...
  20. agentmoeller

    portrait WIP

    Pencil on bristol