1. H

    new addition

    Hi everybody, I am new here and I might be a bit of an unconventional PS user. I am a scientist working on algae and I use PS to track changes of area over time. Most of my posts will in all likelihood be related to those kind of issues. Regards, hannan
  2. D

    Hi guys!

    My name is Davee. I have been using Photoshop for many years. I am continually learning new skills and new techniques. There are so many posts to go through. lol
  3. Markie Jordan-Madden

    Just Want to Say Thank You!

    In the past several days, maybe a week, I've learned so much about Photoshop, much more than I expected I would! I know how to download and install fonts, I've installed and used Pixel Squid which is freaking awesome! I can also make my own backgrounds (did a camo earlier), and I've learned how...
  4. MoltresRider

    Signature does not show

    I created a signature on this forum but my signature does not show up on ANY of my posts, NOT EVEN new posts made AFTER the time I created and uploaded the signature
  5. IamSam

    Propososed changes to challenges.

    Here are the proposed changes to the challenges. Please post your comments pro or con on the changes or any suggestions you might have. Our hope is that you, the members, may see issues that we don't. 1. One entry per member. Do your best work on one image. 2. Entries are hidden until the...
  6. Z

    Restoring deleted PMs?

    Hey guys, I deleted a PM a while ago, but i've forgotten the content of it and said content was quite important and I would like to know if PMs are soft deleted like posts are? And whether I can restore that PM? Thanks Zee
  7. admin

    New Forum Features: Activity Points, Levels, Achievements, Awards

    We are pleased to announce that some major new features for the forum rolling out today. Photoshop Gurus Forum now has a system for Activity Points, Levels, Achievements, Awards, and Trophies. These will be displayed on user profiles and posts in the forum, along with a leaderboard. You may...
  8. Leo_The_Lip


    Posting to avoid the zero posts threat. I enjoy the tips
  9. M

    A doubt about post production effect

    I would like to know if somebody has an idea about what kind of post production is used to get these pictures: (As long as the posts are public, I feel free to write the links)...
  10. S

    Hello there.

    Hello, I'm a college student from New Jersey that likes using Photoshop as a hobby on the side. Most of my interests in Photoshop deal with creating animated GIFs. I imagine most of my posts will be about asking for help about certain GIF effects. So thank you in advance to any experts that I...
  11. P

    just a few easy questions

    1. Do replies to other people's posts count as one of my 5 mandatory posts? 2. I am very limited and I would like someone to Photoshop a picture for me, Where is a good area or place to make this request? Kind regards, Phil4Real_423
  12. B

    Sorry if this is the wrong forum

    But I can't seem to reply to my thread. Says I need 5 posts before I can send links... How do I increase my post count?
  13. S

    Favourite Posts?

    I was just wondering if there a way to save a post or thread as a favourite? There is so much information on this forum I would love to refer back to some posts easily, like a notebook. thanks :)
  14. Vafann

    Posts not showing up in the forum

    Somethig weird has happened that I don´t understand, in my home e-mail I got a notification that someone (Ibclare) had responded to my "Egyption or something" post in the Graphic Design Showroom. When I clicked the link to go there, there were several responses, but none of them from her. It was...
  15. Vafann

    Linking threads and posts

    Heeeloo, I have found the bbcode thing that says how to link threads and posts, but I can´t find the ID#´s, where are they located? :)
  16. D

    I guess I have a difficult problem to solve with reference to my previous posts...

    I guess that no one has experienced this problem before pertaining to my previous posts with reference to blue colors won't print! Does anybody know how to reset Adobe CS5...
  17. Carson

    This will probably be one of my last posts.

    Well, as many know I usually get on PSG when I'm at school, and maybe sometimes when home to checkup on posts. The school year is ending, so this means I won't be on much anymore after this. I won't even have access to photoshop :S. If I don't get on much anymore I'm sorry. It's been fun though...