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  1. P

    Making the best of a poor quality picture!

    DO you think I could have done more?
  2. N

    Sure fire way of resizing image without losing quality?

    Help!! So frustrated at not being able to do this. I need to downsize a photo for a website (a mugshot to accompany a bio basically) and the quality turns to crap each and every time I attempt it. I am using CS3 My original photo is 4272 px x 2848. I've cropped the original photo to just...
  3. Vafann

    Free High Quality Resources

    Heeelooo! I Just bought the latest issue of Photoshop Creative (at least it´s the latest that has come to Sweden). Anyway, on the CD attached to the magazine, there was a link to a place with really high quality free resources, that I haven´t come across before. It´s all free for both personal...
  4. malyo

    Making vector graphic out of low quality image

    Hello This is my first post out here, i'll try to be constructive: I've got this low res and quality (115x200) image, which is animal shape. It's basicaly one colored (black) with some distracting blue background. I'd like to get the shape out of this image, so i can convert it to vector...
  5. U

    Creating Banner Images Lose Their Quality

    I created the attached banner in Photoshop CS5. I can tell once I put the images in the banner that their quality wasn't retained. So by the time I import it into Dreamweaver it looks even worse once it's stretched. It's not horrible, but the quality of the original images is still lacking.
  6. BestiaDelRio

    Bad Quality Animation

    It seems like everytime I try to create an animated picture it comes up with bad quality? The quality is trash after you saved it as an image/animated image w/e. Is there any way to stop this?