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  1. B

    HELP ! What export options should i use for facebook?

    Hi guys, so the title pretty much says it all. I want to recreate that type of quality when i export My and that page have similar content, but i can't get to the image quality when i export out of photoshop. I got CS6, can upgrade if needed...
  2. J

    Lighting effect changing image quality

    Hi all New poster here, have an urgent issue I can't seem to solve. I have a PNG which I want to add a simple light effect to to give it a bit of texture. But when I apply a spotlight to it, the quality of the image drops drastically - I cannot see how to change this setting (or even if it is a...
  3. S

    Greyscale effect.

    Hi Gurus, Please add to this photos a nice greyscale effect in special, if you have a better idea show me. Try to do not break quality. Thank you in advance!!
  4. M

    Please improve the resolution of this image

    This image is the artwork of Brandon Boyd, lead singer of Incubus. I would be grateful if someone could improve its resolution/quality. My boyfriend is a huge fan of Boyd's artwork and I would love to print this one out on a T shirt for him, however unfortunately this was the best quality of the...
  5. W

    Rugby Zombie Scene

    I'd love to see this photo of my friend reimagined as a scene where he is running through a horde of zombies. Doesn't have to be great quality, would just love to see someone's take on it. Thank you
  6. Jerry D

    Improving an image

    I was reading this thread and was curious about the "make it a more high quality" part. How would you go about that? The first thing that popped into my inexperienced head was take it to Illustrator, trace, vectorize ( is that even a word? ) and enlarge it, then come back to Ps and...
  7. W

    Can someone please change the colors in the image and make it a more high quality PNG

    Hello! Could someone please change the colors of this image and possibly make it a high-quality transparent png? I am looking to print it off at a bigger size probably about 1 foot H x 2 feet W on vinyl and I can't find one online anywhere. That's why i am asking here. I need the inner color...
  8. ZeroCool22

    Great web with high quality photoshop works. it's more humoristic a like, but there are great quality works, also some tutorials and contests.
  9. A

    Please Help Make Photo Quality Better/Remove Cut?

    Don't know if anyone can make it look better, I have just tried cropping it certain ways and it gets blurry if you make it too big. Would appreciate it if someone can increase the photo size and remove the cut on my lip. My edit in an attempt to make it bigger/increase photo quality. It...
  10. H

    Can someone help me enlarge this image?

    Hi guys, just wondering with the right program, what is the biggest size you can turn this image into and still have it in pretty good quality? I tried to enlarge it on Photoshop twice its size and it turned out pretty bad. Would vectorizing it work? Yeah, I am asking for a favor. I...
  11. W

    Blurry image when inserted into psd

    Hi, I'm currently working on creating an advertisement in Photoshop cc. I created a logo in a separate psd and I would like to insert it into the advertisement. However when I use File>Place embedded or drag and drop then the quality of the logo I just placed lessens and is blurry when zooming...
  12. L

    Can anyone help me edit this?

    Hey all. My friend has been asking me to edit a photo for him, but I'm still bad at editing. Can anyone please add a car to the background? Make it so that it seems he's about to get hit. I'm sorry if the image quality is bad, I will ask another one if this one is too hard. Thank you so much in...
  13. M

    Image Transformation following a pixel modification

    Hello. I need to clear up a few things in my mind about pixels and resolutions. I just want to make sure that I got things right. So, say I have an image that is 3500 pixels wide, if I choose in Photoshop that it has 100 pixels per inch instead of 300 pixels per inch, that means that the quality...
  14. S

    Photo Touch Up Job $Negotiable

    Hello, I am looking to touch up some headshots for my agent, I have some photos a (photographer) friend took that I want to use, but need to adjust some of the colors and contrast and also the background. It should not be too hard, and I will share with you what I have done quickly myself, but...
  15. D

    3D Help Needed: 3D Photoshop object in low quality unless I move the camera!

    Hey guys, I posted it on the main Adobe forums ( already but got no replies, I have been trying to edit some textures for 3D objects but every time I have the same problem; It seems that even having been rendered, the object still appears to be...
  16. B

    Need some help

    Hey There! I wanted to ask if someone could help me out with a picture. I am new to photoshop and i tried to get a pic to be with better quality but..well.. it didn't work out. So if someone could help me and get it to be in a better quality it would be awesome! (both works)
  17. D

    Matching up 2 different picture qualities

    I am trying to blend separate pictures together so they both look like they were taken at the same time in the same place. I don't have a particular set of pictures to show as example (although I can find some if need be). I suppose the blend of hues to match up will pretty much just take...
  18. P

    Different background

    Hello! I need this photo (that's the link if you need it to have a different and nicer background. So, for example, something like this (just to have an example) Or this Anyway, it doesn't have to be one of those, you can chose an other one from the...
  19. G

    Illustrator Problems with "save for the web" and Facebook upload

    Hi, I've just uploaded in a Facebook page the image in the attachment. In Illustrator the image looks perfect. When I save it for web or I upload it to Facebook, quality goes down. I know that a loss of quality is normal, but the image quality is very poor. Size is the right one, I tried to...
  20. R

    Can Anyone Edit This Logo Please?

    Hi Guys, Would it be possible to convert this logo into something a bit sharper and with no white as the background? I'm new to this but i made this logo in paint and its low quality, i want to be able to enlarge it without distortion if this makes sense. Any help will be much appreciated...