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  1. E

    Using Fonts

    I am pretty certain most of my trends start with "I have a question!" :lol: It is then closely followed by "I was thinking about ____ the other day and wondered..." Haha okay, in all seriousness, I came across a font tutorial today on YouTube and this guy purchased a $40 font and commented...
  2. T

    Hello from Delaware

    I'm new here and just learning photoshop. I'm an artist who is learning about photoshop to create downloadable art. I joined because I'm having trouble with PNG images and I've read a lot of helpful advice here. I'm off to located the correct place to post a question but just wanted to introduce...
  3. N

    resolution / blow up help

    hey guys trying to get this image printed out to about 1600mm in length and proportioned high, i know the image is terrible but would it be possible to be able to read it pretty clearly?
  4. S

    PhotoShop CC stroke fill no color

    Not sure anyone care read the above image. I couldn't figure out how to make it larger....Oh well. If you can read the above image I hope you can help me out. Thanks Steve
  5. Pipsmom

    Faded picture

    Got a tough cookie to crack with this picture. I've read and read on here and applied different techniques...channels, shadows highlights, saturation, multiply......and the noise! oh my goodness the noise..... but nothing is working the way I want. Can you guys give me some guidance bringing...
  6. J

    Clean up image

    Please could someone inprove the quality of this image so that the txt is easier to read. Thanks in advance merry xmas
  7. S

    Making the text on the paper readable

    Hi PhotoshopGurus!! I would be very happy if you help me enhance this image in order to read what is written in the paper. THANK YOU!!!
  8. Zain Khan

    My first draft

    Hello Can you all please take a look at my novel. Which is in the developing stage currently. I have uploaded the starting chapter of it and if anybody can read and give me feedbakc here would be awesome Thank you!!! Link removed. The linked website requires registration. Please upload any...
  9. M

    Photoshop issues

    Hello guys, I have a bit of problems with any adobe program in my computer. It just looks very big, I just bought a new computer with a 4k screen and I read in some forums this is the problem but I dont know how to solve it. Can someone help me? Thanks.
  10. C

    Can someone please help me with a small photoshop request i have?

    Hey!:help: Would someone kindly Photoshop the attached image for me. I would like the Registration/ Number plate to read BLOWOUT. Anyone that could help, I would be HUGELY grateful!! Thanks in advance! Holly
  11. gedstar

    Adobe to use software integrity service

    Read more here Seems a bit strange as they won't do anything to prevent you from using the software they'll just tell you you've been a naughty boy, you can...
  12. gedstar

    Now Microsoft is breaking Windows 7 to get users to upgrade to Windows 10

    Nothing to do with PS Read more here Link to the fix posted in the article here
  13. gedstar

    After Effects QuickTime for Windows

    Time to uninstall QuickTime for Windows Read more here So what's Adobe going to do I wonder, I know it's required for After Effects and Premiere Pro
  14. A

    Nice to meet you all

    Hi, Why am I here? I'm in search of people who can understand & answer my questions concerning CS5. Read: patience & an eternal smile :) Cheers
  15. B

    Hello All

    Just wanted to say hello. I don't tend to post a whole lot. I usually read a ton, however, I will do my best to be an active part of this community. Bhang
  16. Paul


    How do you read an images metadata that as been posted online please?
  17. A

    Removing Background and changing Color (Photoshop CC)

    So I need to remove background and make the background change the color of A by giving it texture of sparkle Red from here I wouldn't want anyone to do it for me, I really want someone to please give me easy noob friendly instructions to help me out here. This is what I...
  18. MikeMc

    Shooting liquids

    Found this...great info, read and learn simple lighting tips.
  19. B

    Board Text

    I'm not much of a complainer but...the text on the board is a nightmare for me to try and read because it's way to light. I have a lot of friends that won't even come here and go somewhere else because of the color of the text and I'm beginning to feel the same way. It may be the trends but...
  20. L

    Hola -- JK! "Hello" (See, I read the rules ;) )

    This will possibly be the most pathetic introduction: I have no clue how to use photoshop. At all. That being said, I'm in the market to learn! I am the family's official photographer, so my not knowing how to use Photoshop is a clear problem. Thank you for having me... I hope to be an asset in...