remove background

  1. G

    Dirty look when I erased the background?

    I'm using Photoshop CS6. I used the background eraser tool, well... to remove the background. It's a picture of a hanging decoration and I simply removed the wall. I saved the file as a PNG and opened it on Microsoft Publisher. Now there's something like grayish "dirt" where the wall used to be...
  2. G

    Specific Remove white background please

    Tried to do it myself the easy way but it kept coming out extremely pixely so it would be great if anyone has any better techniques for a better result. Sorry, I know the image resolution is already not great. Thanks
  3. xCosette

    Specific please crop this thanks

    hello, can you please crop this image so that it's only the person? also dont forget to remove the reflection in the mirror and the mouse, thanks!
  4. R

    Dragonfly extraction request...

    Hi Gurus - a friend asked me to use my (limited) Photoshop skills to remove the background from this picture of a dragonfly... I think you'll agree this is a pretty difficult (impossible?) task, but I would be grateful if any of you amazing Photoshop gurus can do something to maybe fade/blur...
  5. O

    A Hairy Problem

    Hi guys, I am having a really annoying problem that I can't quite find a good solution for. I am relatively familiar with some of the techniques for removing subjects from the background, but I am having a real issue with one area in particular. In the attached image, I am finding it really...
  6. C

    Trying to remove greyscale image background

    I'm very new and still trying to find my way around photoshop (Only know basics that I've taught myself)... I have a series of greyscale maps that I've pieced together from microfilm images. The color is very poor, but I'm trying to remove the background of the images so only the original drawn...
  7. I

    Remove background

    I would like the girl removed from the back if anyone is nice enough to do it for me please? :)
  8. C

    Remove Greenscreen Using ChromaKey

    If you want to learn how to easily remove a greenscreen or a solid colored background from an image check out the video below, I hope you find it useful!
  9. C

    How To Remove An Image From Background!

    Hey guys, I just finished making a video tutorial showing how to remove a background from an image. And I thought some people might find it useful on this forum so I figured I'd post it. If you already know how to remove a background but would like to see other...
  10. J

    How do you remove the background image by comparing the images?

    I'm trying to get a picture of my XBL Avatar from a Windows 8 screenshot. What I want to do is remove the background by using a picture of the background without the avatar, problem being that I don't know how. I've attached a PSD with the image being used. It has a layer for the background I...
  11. M

    Remove white background from complex image

    Hello i have a rather complex logo which i have to remove the background from. The background is completely white while the logo has a very darkish almost black color. However there are many white areas within the logo which are to small or narrow for the "quick selection tool to pickup"...
  12. H

    Removing background image in batch

    Hi, i have a large number of pictures, they all have the same background image. The background image is a white-to-gray vertical gradient and has some text on the top. I created an action to batch remove the background - I use color ranges (Select the Rectangular Marquee Tool and the Right...
  13. S

    Work - removing blue backgrounds from images

    Hello, We have a number of images of furniture product which are taken on a blue background. We would like the background removed so that the product is on a white background. Images go from easy (for single product) to more difficult for sets. attached is a sample of an easy and a...
  14. C

    Help with Magic Lasso/Lasso tool

    Hello, I am a Photoshop noob and am trying to learn things little by little, but something that's always eluded me is how to EASILY cut someone out from the background of a photo. I give up each time because either Photoshop cuts out too much background, or it is frustratingly difficult to...