1. chrisdesign

    3D Amazing Pipe Maze

    It looks like I can't get my hands off the pipes. Well that was a good BLENDER exercise, but I lost the orientation a few times during the work. The first image is a render of the original creation. The following 4 images show 'zoomed in' details, though I rendered them all from different angles.
  2. T

    After Effects Improving speed for aerender.exe (Adobe After effects CC 2017)

    I'm working on a project that should render as many videos as possible. Only 3 images in the project change after every render. The output length is 12 seconds and it takes about 90 seconds to render the video. After Effects is running on a Windows 10 device with 64gb ram, a GTX 1060...
  3. Eggy

    3D Blender 3D typography - S

    I recreated it from an example on the web, just as an exercise and not getting rusty in Blender and I like typography. One hour job, 45 min render
  4. Eggy

    3D swimming-pool 3D Typography

    Due to a complete lack of inspiration I played with PS 3D for a change. Didn't used that since long and apparantly the interface changed the last couple of updates. I had to find my way again. Once the pool finished I kind of lost interest and cheated (:redface:) and used 3 3DArchive objects...
  5. L

    Vehicle art: VW Bus

    I will have to load some non-car at some point. It's just this is where my cheese is these days. Here's the render vid Fun one. -lem
  6. L

    Dump Truck Render

    Haven't been here in a while. thought I'd share a dumptruck sp. Hope this is the right spot.
  7. Eggy

    3D PSG 3D Typography

    Last one (for now). I've found a nice set of free IBL and couldn't resist using it by making a shiny thing. (Chris is gonna love it) The original is 5000 X 3500 px @ 300 ppi and I pushed 'render' before I went to bed. Estimated render time according to PS; 7 hrs and some change...
  8. F

    After Effects Extremely frustrated with AE and Adobe Support - problems with rendering

    edit: disregard I found the problem. thanks!
  9. J

    Rendering request

    Can someone please render just the girl in the dragon-esque hoodie?
  10. A

    3D Could you give me some advices about how to improve this image?

    First time I use 3d studio max and Mental Ray, so I have obtained a very bad quality render. Anyway, since the beginning, I didn't want to obtain a photorealistic picture, but only a nice one. I attach the render and the modified immage. I'll be glad and thankful if you can help me with some...
  11. Z

    Geometric patterns - made easy

    Hey It's been a fair while since I dipped my toe into anything too big when it came to graphic design and this time, i'm incorporating my skill with 3ds Max and photoshop to make simple geometric patterns a little less daunting for the rest of you. to make them all you need is this inverted...
  12. benftaylor

    Product into hand?

    Hey, need someone to photoshop this CAD render into a hand holding it .... Here are the renders ideally need to be put into a real hand like but any hand will do really Help Please! happy to change renders or do anything for you guys if i can help your projects in exchange Ben
  13. Eggy

    3D 3D Critter Wars

    This is a combination of PS 3D, the lady bug, and PixelSquid, the ants. The actual composite is 4500 X 3000 px but I just selected a square around the ladybug to render so it took 30 min or so. (I corrected the tank tracks in the sand)
  14. Eggy

    3D Space station 3D

    Well, again one of my 3D exercises, totally from scratch, even the background. Maybe I'm really into sci fi... :cheesygrin: Only 93 min to render.
  15. VgT

    Render help

    Hi, I need to render this image, I'm new in render images and I don't know how to render well.
  16. J

    How to render ground covered with glass beads?

    I am a writer and I have written about an alien planet that has a clearing that is covered with small amber colored glass beads about 1/2 the size of a marble. Does anyone have any tips on how I could render such a thing in photoshop?
  17. G

    After Effects Should my rendered file be this size??

    So I have a small lyric video I've made. It's about 4 mins long and 60MB in 1080p after I've exported in Windows Live Movie Maker. The problem was the edges were blurred in the final product so I wanted to crop them out, which I did fine, but when I rendered the file in After Effects CS6 using...
  18. Z

    Star Wars ASN-121 Droid WIP

    Hey Guys Before I show, just to give some background to the ASN-121, it's the droid seen in the beginning of Star Wars Episode II, It's a modified courier droid that belonged to the ill fated assassin Zam Wesell. This was the concept I worked from: this was a render made after 3 and 1/2...
  19. Z

    3D Nova (WIP)

    Hey guys this is my latest WIP, I started it abut 3 hours ago I wanted to spread out into the realm of high poly modelling with no intent to optimize and put into a game for once, so i could really go to work on it, and I thought a small character project would be a good place to start. I...
  20. F

    Filter -> render, how to add new ones?

    Hi, longtime no see, too many things to do, but now I have a question. I have this tutorial to add botanical elements to a text, but he uses the filter -> render and I only have "clouds, fibres, lens flares..." So I downloaded some renders but I cant find to add them; Would be so gratefull for...