1. L

    Is it worth upgraded- Opinions Please

    Hi All, I presently use PS CS 5.1 for the Mac, and I'm envious of the new tools that are available now in the newer versions. I'm wondering if it is worth the extra money to buy the newer versions or just try to get 3rd party plugins that will do what I want. I like to work on restoring old...
  2. R

    Lost my catalog in PSE 8.0

    When restoring windows7 Microsoft had to change my user account name. I can not access my photos and I can't find my catalog file. What can I do or how can I find and recover the catalog from a backup?HELP!!!:cry:
  3. Z

    Restoring deleted PMs?

    Hey guys, I deleted a PM a while ago, but i've forgotten the content of it and said content was quite important and I would like to know if PMs are soft deleted like posts are? And whether I can restore that PM? Thanks Zee
  4. B

    Restoring clothing in old photo

    I am a novice at restoring photos, but I've tried with my limited skills to bring some old family photos back to life. This is the scan that I was given by a distant cousin of an old photo. This is what I've been able to make of it. I don't know what to do next. The man's suit looks...
  5. A


    Hello all. I am a graphic design student. I have taken two quarters of Photoshop but I know that I have only scratched the surface of what I can do with Photoshop and I look forward to improving my skills. I have a particular interest in restoring old photographs. Thanks!
  6. S

    Help restoring logo

    Hello guys, im trying to restore/change this logo for my brother , its not very good quality but its the only version I can get atm. What I want doing is, the background removing, and the inner of the logo changing to black. Also the white outline around the edge needs fixing. If anyone can...
  7. B

    Help restoring a old photo

    Hi, I've recently started using photoshop and have been given some old pictures of family members. Is it possible to restore images to a perfect picture and maybe even add colour? Thank you in advance
  8. P

    Restoring aging comic book pages

    I have a scan of a comic book (actually multiple books) that the pages have aged so they have a sepia look to them. What's the best way of removing the sepia while restoring the original colors? It's hard because I really don't know what the pristine comic book pages looked like so restoring the...