1. revnart

    Saturation Map (Mask)

    Hey, I was experimenting with saturation masks and after several tests I've found that HSL and HSB give me strange artifacts, so I've created LUT file which gives me the result I was looking for. Here is example of base file converted to S from HSB and HSL and with the use of LUT file. Do...
  2. N

    Red colors printed 'greyish' in big black/white/red teamphoto

    Hello fellow Photoshoppers, This summer I started a big project (PS CS6) where I wanted to make a collage of every player of our team. The blackground will be mainly black with a bit of white and red (red being the teamcolor). Now my final project is ready to get printed. Because it is a big...
  3. M

    How to get this look

    Hi Could someone teach me how to get this look for my photos, I have tried the hue saturation adjustment.
  4. C

    PC/Mac different colors

    Hi! These samples comes from the same project file. One was saved on PC and second on Mac using equal color profile settings. Saturation in both resulting png files is different and that's my problem :) Why? Example 1 Example 2
  5. W

    Layers workflow, modify any adjustment anytime?

    This has been puzzling me for a while: As shown in the picture attached, I have a layer that controls the saturation at the top, but when I make changes to the saturation settings, the saturation in the blur layer below stay unchanged (originally the saturation layer was below the blur layer...
  6. A

    Blowing Out a Background White

    I've been trying to figure out how to do this effect FOREVER. See how the city in the background is blown out white, yet still maintains its structure and looks neat and clean. I wish it were just taking down the saturation or something simple. But I have a feeling it's more complicated. Curious...
  7. fredfish

    How to remove a slight Blue cast on a cut out

    I used the pen tool to cut out a motorbike from the background (as much as a training process in developing my pen tools skills as anything) and I am fairly pleased with the results. However there are some parts that have understandably picked up some of the colour from the original...
  8. J

    Hue, saturation and brightness measures???

    Hi, Could someone please tell me a simple way to get a point estimate on a jpeg of hue, saturation, and brightness? Many thanks! J
  9. B

    Trying yet another effect.Need Gurus help

    Trying yet another effect.Need Gurus help with some tips or a tutorial . Thanks in advance.Also i would like to know whats this effect is called ? I used some hue and saturation, photo-filter This is the Goal To achieve This is My effort PS Screen Shot :
  10. T

    How to create a Saturation mask?

    Luminosity masks are in, but it is also possible to create a saturation mask. A guy named Greg has made a panel named lumiSomeThing where, among others, saturation and vibrancy masks can be made. I can buy the panel, which is probably what I will do anyway , but I would like to know how a...
  11. E

    value or color blending mode

    coloring a greyscale image hi there, i am very confused about photoshops blending modes. it would be cool to have a blending mode so that the layer to wich the blending mode is applied only effects the hue and saturation of the layers below. now to me color sounded as it would do the...
  12. K

    Warm Light Glow Effect

    I just wanted to ask if anyone had an idea of how to do this specific effect. I messed with some warming light and some saturation as well as contrast and got it pretty close but I felt like there is still something missing.. It could certainly be the darkness of that image contrasting with the...
  13. C

    Giving modern day photos a 1990s style / feel?

    Hi Ive got some images of some pals dressed up in 1990s clothing that I'd like to make a bit more authentic 1990s looking. Any thoughts on re-colouring, saturation etc etc? I'm not saying it needs to be as stylized as an Instagram type effect, but that kind of thing. Many thanks in advance.
  14. X

    Photoshop these to brighten my hair?

    hi so i recently got my hair dyed... and a friend from out of state wants to see it (it's burgundy0 ...but my house has very bad lighting and i only have a saturation tool on my flip phone and it makes my face orange (even though my hair gets brighter o_O ) so ya can someone photoshop these...