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  1. K

    Smooth jagged edges and points from a scanned drawing in Photoshop

    I created this title on paper for a project and did a bad job outlining it in pen. I then scanned it from my printer on to my desktop, put it in Photoshop, and filled it in with black. For the last couple of hours I've been trying to smooth out the edges by watching tutorials and experimenting...
  2. H

    How do I clean up scanned images in CS6?

    Hello! How do I go about cleaning up the noise in a scanned image / document in CS6? I scan my images with a Ricoh Aficio SP 311SFNw printer and whenever I print out those images, the whole page comes out grey (tons of digital noise). This does not happen if I were to scan and print an image...
  3. M

    Please make the scanned image clearer and the line darker.

    Please make the scanned image clearer and the line darker. Make the image above as clean as original ebook quality as below:
  4. J

    Scanned document won't be imported

    Am having a problem with importing a scanned document. Usually the document is automatically imported, enabling me to open it with Photoshop CS6. Now, as soon as scanning is completed, the screen jumps back to the desktop----and leaves me at a dead end! Can you help, please? As an addendum, I...
  5. M

    how do i get this effect pls help me

    does anyone know how to achieve this effect on the text in these examples? it seems super embedded in the art design almost like it got scanned in and i'm not sure if that's the case. it seems realistic enough to touch right there in the image.
  6. blasteralfred

    Please help me to fix this damaged, old, scanned, black and white photo

    Hi gurus, I am a PS newbie. I have a scanned copy of one old black and white photograph. The photo is damaged, in the sense that; The color of photo become yellowish. Instead of "black and white", its now like a "sepia" effect There are grains all over the image. Which means, the photo is not...
  7. B

    Automatic crop 4 photos from a scan

    Hello Does anyone know a photoshop or gimp plugin that can automatically detect photos from a scanned page and crop and save them as new images? Exactly: I have scanned old photographs. I always have put 4 of them onto the A4 scanner. Now it is a lot of work to open all these scans and select...
  8. M

    [PS CS6] Clean Scanned Blueprint

    Hello, I am 27 years old and work in Asset Protection. There is a blueprint of the place I work for with all of the cameras on it, as well as phone extensions and other information. The data changes too frequently and I decided to use a digital approach with Adobe Photoshop CS6 which...
  9. G

    Fixing an old photo

    Hi, Im wondering if anyone can help me fix an old photo i have scanned. This is the only photo my mother has of her Grandfather, and i would appreciate anyones help with it. could you please PM me if you can help? please see scanned image attached regards gary
  10. J

    Colour prints from scanned colour negatives

    I use a hp scanjet 3970 flatbed scanner for colour negatives, but am unable to invert the scanned negatives to colour prints. I also use Windows 8.1 and Photoshop CS6. My computer is a laptop. Have used the INVERT tab but no success. Can anyone kindly let me have step-by-step directions to...
  11. M

    Need help recreating an image

    I have this Crest for a non-profit I building a website for a non-profit park i volenteer with and I was wonderinf of someboddy could re-draw this image for me, The house, trees, and bench need to be level and not leaning to the right. The background needs to be tranparent and the, This is the...
  12. D

    Correct colours in scanned image

    Hello, I have scanned some 100 book pages and then adjusted the images produced using the "Levels" feature. The blacks and reds became stronger, but not pure. Please see the screenshot attached. I would like to know how I can make blacks black and reds red. Regards, Daniel
  13. N

    Scanned images or pics taken from camera?

    guys i m trying to make a project for which i need some images and most of the images which i got was not on web so i took the images from magazines or dresses but I am not sure when i will print it will it be of good quality ? Or should I scan it?
  14. S

    Odd pattern in scanned photo

    My wife gave me an old photo to scan and repair, and it has an odd pattern in it due to the textured photo paper it was originally printed on. I'm pretty handy with Photoshop, but this one has me stumped. Does anybody have a clue as to how to remove this pattern? Any advice would be greatly...
  15. F

    [REQUEST] Scanned Photo Retouching

    I scanned this picture from the only laminated original. It's of me and my cousin at a younger age. Could one of you extra talented Photoshop experts (:pimp:) retouch this photo for me?
  16. S

    Photoshop editing of scanned drawing, help asap

    Hi there. My first post on this forum, wahey! Have to love the facebook integration by the way, kudos! Basically, I have drawn a logo on paper and I have scanned it in 1600 dpi, so it is a fairly big and detailed image, im just wandering how to go about making into an accurate drawn logo...
  17. Carson

    A quick before and after of a scanned schedule at school

    Before After P.S. Sorry for the sloppy presentation, it is just a quick post.