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  1. T

    Pen tool makes inverse selections...?

    Whenever I use the pen tool to make a selection, the selected area is the inverse of the area enclosed by my path (i.e. I make a circle, the area outside the circle is selected). I'm finding this a bit of an annoyance because I nearly always forget to invert the selection before applying my mask...
  2. P

    Illustrator How to remove / erase edges outside of a selected area?

    I have downloaded an eps file from a free vector image site. I was trying to cut an image area of a visiting card but It also come with edges like the image showing ( attached) How to remove edges of that image outside of the selected box area? I...
  3. MoltresRider

    Path tool Fill/Stroke options always grayed out

    I am having an issue with the fill/stroke options always grayed out whenever I use the paths tool. I cannot follow a single tutorial on any stroke path tutorial. There are about a dozen tutorials on how to do a dotted stroke, none of which work because they all tell me to use the fill/stroke...
  4. J

    Trouble with Cuting the word in my logo

    I had just started learning photo. Please advise me how do I cut this part away. I want the selected part to be transparent so it will look nice on the projector screen
  5. D

    selected color issue

    I finally was able to get cc 2015 and all seems fine except when I choose a color from swatches or just the "color box" the choice comes up as the background color and not the foreground color is there a way to change this to make the selected color the front and not the back?
  6. Eggy

    3D 3D Critter Wars

    This is a combination of PS 3D, the lady bug, and PixelSquid, the ants. The actual composite is 4500 X 3000 px but I just selected a square around the ladybug to render so it took 30 min or so. (I corrected the tank tracks in the sand)
  7. P

    Shortcut Help w/transform>reduce size>reduce opacity

    Years ago I had an instructor show a series of about a 4 key command which was related to command T. The task I'm trying to accomplish is... To take selected portion of my image and copy layer>reduce size (20 percent)>reduce opacity(20 percent). I can't remember the key command. Please help...
  8. A

    Not getting what I've selected

    Hey, I have this issue, I have selected the following But when I do Ctrl+J to get it to a new layer, this is what I'm getting With this "ugly" transparency in the middle. Any ideas how I can solve it? Thanks a lot
  9. I

    How to "un-erase"? (pasting myself into a photo)

    Working with CS5 PS on Mac. I’m pasting myself into the background of a photo. • selected and copied my image from photo #2 • created new layer in photo #1 • pasted my image into new layer • selected layer with my image • used Eraser tool to erase parts of me (!) so as to fit among images of...
  10. P

    Photoshop Marquee Tool Snap to Guides - Newbie needs help

    Im new to PS idk if this is the right place to post this question but here. I'm following a tuto from i get to step 5 and for some reason when i hold shift and click not all lines stay selected why is this? as you...
  11. B

    Bitmap simple selection copy and pasting issue

    Hi everyone, I'm currently having an issue for when i use the lasso, quick selection or the magic wand tool. when i select something and copy and paste to a new layer or just copy it, it selects too few pixels and it is quite annoying. some pictures are below for an easier time contemplating...
  12. ub3rfunk

    Pixel Art Hotkey Question

    Hey all, Quick question: I'm working on some pixel art, and I often find myself manually (and frequently) changing the brightness of my selected color to shade, highlight, etc. Is there a hotkey to increase/decrease the brightness of my selected color while painting? Many thanks
  13. P

    Polygonal Lasso + Brightness = Unwanted Glow

    Whenever I use the Polygonal Lasso tool lately, and then modify the brightness of the item selected, it creates a "GLOW" around the *outside* of what I have selected. So when I deselect it, there is now this "aura" around the item. I have gone into all the settings, messed with "Feather"...
  14. B

    Can I change the blending mode for several selected layers at once?

    Hi, I would like to change 20-30 selected layers to Multiplay blending mode at once. How can I do this? 10x