1. B

    Adjusting a layer mask

    Hello all, Probably a rookie question here. I have a texture layer and I'm using Select > Color Range to make selections of it. I have the selection complete. I would like to adjust a layer mask on a different layer using that selection. How is this done? Thank you.
  2. gedstar

    Design-Ready Objects for Adobe Photoshop

    Not sure if anybody has come across this site, if not it's worth checking out, it's completely free. Download powerful objects as PSDs complete with Selection Masking, Layered Lighting, Independent Shadow, and Depth Layer.
  3. J

    Pen Tool: Make Selection via Right Click not working

    I am not really a "newbie" but not a veteran either. I assume this problem is something VERY simple that I am overlooking. Never ran into this one before. Been working on a document for a few days, no issues but now suddenly when drawing paths with Pen tool, when I right click, make...
  4. L

    Rotating the rectangular selection tool "M" prior to making selection

    I hate to ask dumb questions, but, one thing I wish I could get in photoshop is the ability to rotate a couple of the up-to-down or right-to-left tools - eg. when you select "M" (a selection rectangle), it would be nice if you could ROTATE the rectangle after you have defined its dimensions to...
  5. A

    Is there a way of adjusting the traction of the cursor on the layer?

    I'm not very good at writing notes so I use photoshop to edit the original papers I read for my studies. It actually works really well, but my one problem is this: I use the pen selection tool alot cut out selections of text. It would replace a highlighter perfectly, were it not for the fact...
  6. R

    Actions Extend Selection in Action

    Hi, I am very new to this forum and would be very happy if someone could give me a hint on the following issue. An action that I run in PS 6 defines a square selection relative to the images size. I have tried many ways to do that i an action that I created, but rather unsuccessful. Whenever I...
  7. D

    How to select background only while editing portrait?

    While replacing background color in a portrait, somehow one third of background got selected (not touching the face). Later I was able to erase the selection with a corresponding tool so, that only the selection was erased even if I clicked on the face itself. Please let me know how I have made...
  8. S

    Odd problem with add to and subtract from selection tools. Help please!

    I'm having a really frustrating problem with adding to and subtracting from selections. I've tried to find a solution to the problem online, but can't seem to find any mention of anybody else also experiencing it, which makes me think it's either something really simple and stupid I'm doing...
  9. S

    PS CC 2015 and Windows 10 "I" Colour Selection not working

    Hi All As the title says really I have installed Windows 10 recently and I'm not sure what's happened but the keyboard shortcut "I" Colour Selection has stopped working and the Space key to move around the enlarged image if I choose their icon then all is well it's just the shortcuts, other...
  10. Q

    Skeletons, blurs and bevels...

    1. How to skeletonize an object (to thin a line or shape to 1 pixel width) in Photoshop? This type of operation is very basic for scientific image manipulation (imageJ and such), and I wonder if there is a way to do it in Photoshop. If you are not familiar with the term, here is a link that...
  11. Rufkraft

    Illustrator Help with Selection please?!

    Hello all, Not the best with illustrator and having a problem with a selection. In the picture below I am trying to remove/select the middle row of trees so a gradient can show through. In PS I would just lower fill to 0% or ctrl+click and remove the selection from the top layer. Not so in...
  12. W

    Place a flower on a new cololured background - How to?

    I am fairly new to Photoshop in that I haven't used it (CS6) very much in a couple of years. I am trying to remove all of the background stuff in a wildflower image and replace it with a solid coloured background, so that I end up with, for example, a blue flower on a soft red background. I...
  13. N

    color range preview (in color)

    when i select some color during color range selection a new windows opens and i can see selection as black white and increase or descrease selection precision. how can i see it directly on the color image and change it there?
  14. S

    How do I select a specific value range in an image?

    I have a microscope image below, and I would like to select all the grey long blobs on the image, and get how many pixels they are. I was thinking about selecting a specific value range, but I do not know how to accomplish that. Could someone give me some suggestions to make a value range...
  15. Rufkraft

    Selection of areas with very similar colors and tones

    Hello All, I've been running into a selection headache here and there and was hoping I could get some fresh ideas. Here the deal: Making a selection of two very similarly colored images and/or removing a similarly colored image from a background. I tried a few things so far, such as a low...
  16. T

    Copy sunglass reflection to other eye and clean up.

    I have the image below and the sunglasses were dirty when I took the shot. I'd like to clean up the left eye, around the edge and duplicate the left reflection to the other eye. For the lens correction: I've tried to use the clone stamp tool (didn't work very well), a brush, at low opacity...
  17. revnart

    Adding bleed space - need faster way.

    Hi :) I have a question which I'm fighting with for several years. Daily I work as car wrap designer so a lot of my projects are cut by cutting plotters. Every work I create has to be made of tiff file with bleed and a vector .eps file containing cut line. the problem is sometimes client wants...
  18. N

    most accurate color selection

    hello.i'm looking for the most accurate color selection method in photoshop for L,a,b color mode. what i want to achieve is to know the values for L,a and b that would let me enter those values to excel file which will tell me which shade is the closest. so those shaders values are the most...
  19. W

    Replacing Sky Against Sea With Photoshop Quick Selection Tool

    Hi, 1st post in here so here goes with my cherry ..... be kind :) I've been using Gimp for a while so not totally green but certainly not strong in the "Editing Department" and have just switched to CS6 I always have a problem trying to replace skies where there's not a clear distinction...
  20. T

    Colour Exceptions

    I am currently working on a comic poster design. And im in the phase of colouring however i dont want to go over any black. Is there a way to do this other than "select>colour range>black>select>inverse" ? Thanks