1. T

    How to copy vector layer or selection between two document?

    Hallo everybody, I didn't understand how copy a vector layer from a document in an other document. Same thing about a selection: how to copy it created (and saved) in a document - to another document? I mean when both document are opened..., of course. Thanks for a reply.
  2. P

    Photoshop Quick Selection Tool help please.

    I'm new to Photoshop and I'm trying to figure out how to best use Photoshop's Quick Selection tool. I've watched some videos and I'm not having the kind of success I see in the videos. Sometimes it selects to much sometimes not enough, sometimes totally unpredictable results. Thanks
  3. B

    Bitmap simple selection copy and pasting issue

    Hi everyone, I'm currently having an issue for when i use the lasso, quick selection or the magic wand tool. when i select something and copy and paste to a new layer or just copy it, it selects too few pixels and it is quite annoying. some pictures are below for an easier time contemplating...
  4. P

    does the "Quick selection tool" behaves randomly?

    hello, does the "Quick selection tool" behaves randomly? has it formula specified?? Can I dope this behavior before pressing the mouse?? Please see below: thank you.
  5. pslane

    2 things that are bothering me

    1. Is there anyway to get around the popup box that says "no pixels were selected"? This bothers me when I want to make something really small into a selection. 2. My pen tool lines are tapered at the ends and I need help fixing this. Thanks!
  6. R

    have a specific question on blending/feathering

    So I know you can feather edges of areas you've edited. but what i can't figure out is pretty specific to the photo. So I took a picture of the sunset behind some mountains, with the city underneath. Shot in RAW, 100 ISO, 1/60-1/125 exposure (cant remember), and f/5. so the sky looks perfect...
  7. P

    I want to cut a part from an image with Quick selection tools

    hello, I want to cut a part from an image with Quick selection tools. how? for example, when I use Quick selection tools in part from the image, how do I cut the selected area from image? also I do not want after cutting, I see the area white, I want also the white space wiped put. and instead...
  8. S

    deleting a selection

    I want to delete a selection from background. I select a part of picture with one on selection tool. then I insert delete from keyboard. but every time a fill page appear and there is not any option in fill for deleting that selection. I want to remove selection that no pattern or color be replaced.
  9. B

    patch selection command

    Photoshop cs6 extended: Does anyone know why I get this message when I use patch selection command --Could not complete patch selection command because there are not enough opaque source pixels- Thanks
  10. D

    Cloud in the sky want selection and insert color emphasis

    Hello, I wondered if someone would hear me out and possibly help or advise me. In the attachment there is a great picture of a bass jumping with the sky and sunset in the background. I added a white paw to the sky and hope to make it look or blend in as a beleivable cloud in the sky. My novice...
  11. T

    I'm tearing my hair trying to figure out how to select one of these bottles.

    I have a project where I'm supposed to select one of these chili bottles, then delete the bottle, make it look as if the bottle is a full bottle of chili with no label (which I'm assuming I'll do using the cloning stamp and healing patch), then I have to design four unique labels and put them...
  12. V

    3D 3D Chat Bubble Effect?

    Hello all I have moderate, Photoshop experience. I'd very much like to achieve a 3D chat bubble effect as pictured (1). Googling around for a "3D box effect", which might help me, I hit a bit of a brick wall. Using the square marquee tool and feathering it got the shape I wanted, but I could...
  13. M

    Unwanted outline on "lasso'd" and "rotated" selection in new layer

    As a test, open a new file and fill it with all black, then use the lasso tool (with zero feather and no anti-alias checked) to outline a closed area within. Then copy and paste this selection to a new layer. Unclick the background layer so that you can see the new layer is all blank except...
  14. Mansson

    How do I select _all_ pixels in a layer?

    I've noticed that I get a good flow painting over a textured canvas (blank canvases are not for me) when doing so I work with a brush with the opacity set to about 45 and two layers, the bg textures and the actual image. When I feel I'm done with my sketch I want to exclude the bg layer but...
  15. M

    No Pixels More Than 50%

    Hey All, First time post here: I'm using Photoshop CS6, trying to make a selection using a quick mask and a brush. Normally I would put the quick mask on, paint in my selection using a brush preset and then turn off the mask, invert the selection, and use refine selection to make it a new...
  16. M

    image jumps over too far when selection tool nears edge of frame.Help?

    This is probably a no brainer but I can't figure it out:rolleyes: I'm on a very old version of Photoshop. Hope I can explain this well enough to make sense. Say I am zoomed in close on an image to carefully select details. So part of the image that i want to continue selecting is out of...
  17. pslane

    Direct selection tool

    I've been told to use the direct selection tool in a lot of the tuts I do. When I try it, all I get is a rectangle marquee that disappears when I un click. It does nothing for me, no lines of any kind. I'm thinking maybe I have to hold down another key to use this. Can you tell me or direct...
  18. A

    keyboard shortcut question...

    I used to know it but can't remember anymore and after a long search online, still can't figure it out. Ok, I have a bunch of layers and I want to make a lasso selection on the top layer and then use whatever the correct keyboard shortcut is to make a new layer with a merge of all the...
  19. R

    Need help restoring color to a painting

    Hi, So I do this as a favor to a friend... His mother was painted when young. The painting was abused, and all the mother was left with was a black-and-white photo of the painting. I tried to add color by making selections, and adding masked layers of solid color blended as "soft light", but the...
  20. B

    Hi - Urgent help need with replacing background

    Hi, First off, my name is Brandon, I'm 19 and I'm a student at the University of Greenwich studying Film & Television Production. Now, the problem I have is this, I had a last minute photoshoot where I didn't have the best equipment with me which has left me and my limited Photoshop...