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  1. J

    Save GIF problem on Photoshop CC

    Hi everyone. I downloaded today the Photoshop CC Trial to make a GIF that I needed. I finished the work on Photoshop but when I click to export to Web(Legacy) it just freezes and can't save anything. Is it any chance I can send to anyone the Photoshop.psd file and he can end up the process and...
  2. E

    Actions Problem with action printing multiple jpgs

    Dear All, I have a problem. I have 10 open jpgs in Photoshop and I would like to run an action to send them all to my printer. The action does send them to the printer, however, the printer only prints parts of each file. When I manually send the open jpgs to my printer, one by one, the...
  3. B

    Photo Edit Request ($10)

    I have a photo request but didn't put it in free request section because I don't want to upload the picture publically. Essentially the problem is a man's fist is blurred - probably because he moved it while the picture was being taken. Is there ANYWAY this can be fixed at all it's really...
  4. A


    Good Evening Everyone, My name is Ash, I live in Australia, and I am trying to get some photoshop skills under my belt. I came across an image, which I love, but want to add my own touch to use as a desktop wallpaper. The Image I have here has some broken hexagons in it, I don't want that...
  5. O

    Star Wars - Chewbacca Logo Image edit

    I'm hoping to make a "Wookiee Tape" Logo for a convention coming up. I would love to have Chewbacca's face on the logo and for it to say "Wookiee Tape" and not "Gorilla Tape". I would be happy to send you one of the pins I create if you can help me out! Thanks so much.
  6. N

    How do you send images to people?

    As amazing as it is... somehow there is a massive percentage of people who can't seem to open up .zip files... Most of them are obviously on macs or smart phones, but still... cmon this is one of the most basic of file formats... Anyway. Is there any convenient way other than zipping files to...
  7. F

    Photoshop my friend in the image

    Hello,I would like to request for you to do a simple photoshop work,i would do it myself but i am on a trip and dont have access to any pc.I have 2 images,one of them there are me and my friend and on the other my other friend.I would like to have him in the same picture.Can you photoshop him in...
  8. F

    Can someone help with

    Hi Can someone make our day at the races into either an meme or just make it funny as we wish to send this photo out to colleagues as a Xmas card. Thanks in advance
  9. B

    Hi everyone!

    I'm new here and I'm not sure if I'll have anything to share with the group. I sell advertising across the state of Florida so I have worked with a large number of graphics artists. My job is to find customers, list the details of what info needs to go into the ad, attach any existing artwork...
  10. D

    Pen tool - too much selection

    When I select object outline with pen tool then click make selection, it selects other pixels on it's own. Please see bottom left. I only outline the outside of the logo and selection makes the rest?? IamSam I tried to send pic via pm but it will only let me attach image via url and not paste...
  11. E

    Illustrator low resolution file

    I used Illustrator 10 to design a logo. I wanted to send it to Staples to be made into a poster. When I download it to Staples it tells me that the logo is a low resolution (less than 200 ppi) and that the finished poster may be fuzzy. How do I increase the resolution in Illustrator before I...
  12. F

    Photoshop Request (Important: company wants my picture)

    I hope someone can help me I really need this as soon as possible as I must upload the picture today to my flickr account before I send it to a company. Can someone remove the patchy color from the pillar/tower in this pic?
  13. M

    too much sun...

    Hi! I am a beginner photographer. One of my friends asked me to shoot her wedding. On this photo iv got sum sun spots goin on. I feel really bad that It isn't turning out..I really wanted this picture to turn out. is there anyway u can fix it? n maybe fix up the lighting a little bit? I would...
  14. K

    Photoshop request

    Hello! It would be nice, if someone could make a picture of heating mug, like the thermo ones and send a link of download in private message. With PDF file, ofcourse. Thanks before!
  15. L

    Won A Design Contest Need Help Getting My Design Ready For Printing

    I won a shirt design contest and they suggested I send in a vector image but I don't have a copy of Illustrator and I designed it in Photoshop. So they said bitmap images were fine but they have to be 300 DPI and be at least the same size it's going to be on the shirt. My problem is...
  16. T

    I need someone with Photoshop and Illustrator experience.

    Hello, Im looking for someone with experience in Photoshop and Illustrator to design a shirt. Please send me a Private Message Thank you!
  17. ALB68

    Announcement of the Winner of the Restoration Challenge

    Our winner is Emily Rutter gathering 67% of the vote.:thumbsup: I will be getting Emily's award out to her next week as soon as she advises where to send it. Thanks to everyone who participated. You guys and girls turned is some really nice work!
  18. B

    Sorry if this is the wrong forum

    But I can't seem to reply to my thread. Says I need 5 posts before I can send links... How do I increase my post count?
  19. M

    Need help to blend a photo

    Hello! I am a newbie and confused with these photoes. As you can see, first image is original and the other has been retouched in photoshop, which made it more beautiful. I would love to know the techniques. please tell me what I need to do to get the result like this. If it's okay, please send...
  20. C

    When sending a PSD file, is pattern information contained in the file?

    Hello, I am sending some PSD files to a web dev. company. I was wondering, when they open up my PSD files, will the patterns I have used in my graphics work be present? Or do they have to have the patterns I have used also installed on their computer for photoshop? Do I need to send the pattern...