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  1. B

    All drawn Shapes (each in diff layer) not visible at the same time

    I am starting with a white bg layer then I draw a shape using shape tool and it gets added as a new layer repeating step 2 I have multiple layers with multiple shapes BUT I am not able to see all of the shapes "together" as overlap. I only see a shape based on the current layer I select and...
  2. D

    Illustrator Help with knocking out shapes without losing detail

    G'day Im trying to find out how one would knock out "shapes" with out any loss... Image one on left is shape with another layer of distress white on top. now after I minus front shapes I'm left with the distress bits but they are fraction smaller (right image) how do I solve this?
  3. S

    work with shapes ?!!

    Hi All i want to learn how to cut shapes or convert them to layers for example, im creating a rectangle, then i want to divide into two pieces like the screen shot below, i want to create the two red triangle shape from the rectangle:
  4. Eggy

    3D Blender - Retro Radio

    And another one. I wanted to experiment with rounded and irregular shapes and another camera view.
  5. gedstar

    3D Nothing much, just something simple

    Just some Lego shapes, keeping it simple for the moment as Chris suggested :thumbsup:
  6. C

    Digital/Halftone type effect. How can I recreate this?

    Hi everyone, new here but not to Photoshop, wanting some input on how I could go about recreating this effect? I'm not even 100% sure what to google, it's sort of a digital halftone effect, not sure what else to call it. Creating a halftone and overlaying it doesn't quite produce the same...
  7. DiaGraphics

    Illustrator How To Use The Pathfinder In Adobe Illustrator

    Learn How To Use The Pathfinder In Adobe Illustrator with this quick tutorial. I will teach you how to cut out holes in other shapes, how to combine shapes and much more in this simple tutorial that you can follow step by step no matter your skill level...
  8. Eggy

    3D My first real Blender work: Vintage Radio

    I was inspired by the work of chrisdesign and I love vintage stuff. I spent the last week modeling shapes and trying to get a grip on modefying vertices, edges and planes...:shocked: So be gentle while commenting...:cheesygrin: There are numerous errors I'll have to take in account for my...
  9. E

    Comic style shapes

    do u know where i can find comic style shapes for custom shape tool?
  10. E

    Assymetric round shapes

    hi guys how do u make shapes like these? round cornered but assymetric random style i made this using warp but i didnt like the result is there any other way to do this shapes?
  11. R

    Problem With Custom Shape Tool

    I just got a new computer and installed Photoshop CS5. The only difference I'm aware of between the old and new computers is that the old one was running the 32-bit version of CS5 and the new one has the 64-bit version. On my old computer, the custom shape tool had nearly 300 vector shapes to...
  12. chrisdesign

    3D 3D Female Portrait

    Photoshop 3D work. Created shapes with the pen tool, based on a female portrait. Filled the shapes with 50% Grey. Extruded the layers. Played with 2 different color lights. Leather texture.
  13. B

    Gurus, how do you make shapes like this?

    Gurus how do u make shapes like this ? I used rectangle tool and then used the pen tool and drag it the path point.Is there any simple method using Photoshop cs6? Eagerly awaiting for your techniques and wana learn from you. Thank you !! :yourock::yourock:
  14. pslane

    Illustrator combining several shapes into one shape

    I have an object that is made up of several small shapes. I know how to group it but how do I combine it permanently? It needs resizing and every time I try this, the separate objects go out of line. Thanks. pslane
  15. K

    Looking for help with tricky batch editing project...

    What I am trying to accomplish is to batch edit a group a jpegs (i.e. pictures of rainbows) by cutting out a shape (let's say a triangle for all intensive purposes) and then saving the jpeg as a png with a transparent background and floating rainbow triangle. My work flow has been as follows but...
  16. P

    disappearing shapes.

    ive drawn shapes in white with a white stroke but they keep disappearing when I go to another layer. And even if I go back to the layer with the shapes I have to click on the shape tool for them to show up. Even worse when I merge all of the layers(to make the final file smaller, they dont show...
  17. S

    How to draw shapes like this?

    Hello. I'm new to photoshop and I want to draw wavy shapes. How can I draw them? Which tools to use? how to use them?
  18. D

    Illustrator How to fill in a shape with another shapes, but not patterns

    Hello, How to fill in a shape with another shapes, but not patterns. Example this poster put into a tree shape to make it looks like this:
  19. R

    How can i do this?

    Hi. Hope someone can help me out. I am trying to do this to my 3 solid shapes I created in PS. I want to replicate this picture below of 3 blocks. I do not know what to use to accomplish this effect. A brush? Eraser tool? The three shapes have a grey background. Any help in explaining how to...
  20. P

    How do I make heart text images?

    Hi guys, I Know you can write text in customer shapes and through altering text spacing you can get some pretty cool heart's (and other shapes) - but I've seen some that look different and I'm wondering how they are possible? Things like: Any help is appreciated! Thanks.