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  1. LadyJemima

    Huh -- want to change a shortcut but am given a red stop sign...

    I want to change Fit to Screen to Cmd + \. When I try to do this, Photoshop gives me a red stop sign and says "Cannot be assigned because it is used by Channel Path to select Layer Mask." Now, usually you will be given a yellow warning triangle and Photoshop will let you change it anyway...
  2. LadyJemima

    CS5 won't let me change a shortcut?

    I want to change the Curves shortcut. I go to the Keyboard Shortcut menu and sure enough, there it is. I click it and am able to delete the shortcut. #1) How is one supposed to enter the "command" (mac) key? If I simply hit it, nothing happens. #2) If I try to enter another key...
  3. LadyJemima

    Illustrator Minimize command in shortcut menu?

    I know the minimize window command in Illustrator is Command + M. I want to change that, but I can't seem to find it under the Keyboard Shortcut Menu. I see "Hide Illustrator" (which ironically doesn't have any shortcut associated with it). Is that the same as Minimize?
  4. Casperrr

    Create Shortcut to "Save As" a Specific File Format?

    HI Trying to streamline some work flow issues and would love to be able to "Save As" without having to navigate through file formats , say, .png - every time. Is there a way to open the file browser in PS to a specific file format each time? That would be great. Thanks
  5. G

    Shortcut When Using Curves

    When using Curves, one used to be able to move from one point to the next ("point" is what I use to refer to the points that determine the shape of the curve) by holding the Control key and pressing Tab. This no longer appears to work with Photoshop CS5. I am wondering how I can move from one...