1. D

    Need Help Making a Product Shot into a Preview Image (for website)

    Good afternoon, I need some help please. Either with some guidance on how to achieve the result I need or (if anyone wants a challenge or has free time on their hands!) could do this for me? If the latter I'd still appreciate some guidance on what you did? Basically what I have is two Product...
  2. D

    How to get this effect?

    Hello everyone! Anyone have thoughts on how to get this effect? The color feels saturated and rich, even contrasty, but then there's this chalky almost filtered look to the shots. None of the photo folk I know have been able to crack it. Gurus?
  3. hershy314

    Why does this happen?

    I was at a car show today (last one of the year) and took many photos. One thing that always seems to happen when taking some interior shots and engine shots is a purple haze that appears in the photo. I've tried several things to try and prevent it. Haven't tried a lens hood, but have used my...
  4. D

    Removing "wrinkles" in background from studio portrait shots

    Hi guys, I recently went for a wedding photoshoot in the studio. I managed to get the soft copies from the shoot, and am editing them myself (those that I didn't pay to have made into an album). A sample is: The problem is that I see that the background sheet (black and green) looked creased...
  5. N

    Remove flare from night shots

    Hello all, I am having difficulty removing those flares from the pic attached here. I tried cloning but the results are not so good. What method do you suggest? The camera used is Nikon D800 with Nikkor 16-35 mm lens. Many thanks!
  6. Tom Mann

    Probably the most satisfying photo I have ever taken. Guess why.

    I've taken hundreds of thousands of pix in my life, but this one was one of THE most satisfying shots I have ever taken. It's far from being high quality or telling a story, but damn, it sure was satisfying. :beerchug:. Anyone want to guess why? ;-) Tom M
  7. Paul

    Taking night shots.

    Having some issues with night shots stars especially. I have the camera set to BULB and the camera will not make a decision on firing? I have a small Nikon coolpix and it works in darkness without any issues (ok the flash fires but thats just how the camera deals with it), but my Nikon DLSR does...
  8. N

    Grain in pic.

    Hey everyone.and especially those who have helped in me the past..this is one of the shots i have taken last or so. In photoshop it looks good..but when converting to SRGB and save it as JPG (save for web) and viewing it on screen, some colors in area seems to be have been lost. You can see the...
  9. hershy314

    Long Exposure

    I got a ND filter today so I could try a few long exposure shots. So far the weather hasn't been nice to me today, a little to cloudy to get a decent shot. I did manage to get a couple shots I thought were good. Here is one of them. Feel free to post your long exposure shots here as well.
  10. Tom Mann

    In case you've been wondering what I've been up to ...

    For the last couple of months, I've been shooting photos for our local fire and emergency medical services organization. Many of these have already been used in weekly advertisements for recruitment of volunteers and career-track personnel, press releases to local news outlets, illustration of...
  11. Z

    few more photo shots (messing around)

    hello! i have to say, i've fallen in love, this is such an amazing camera. can't wait til Christmas, yes i did ask if i could use it :P fixed the white balance :D but yeah, what do you think of the shots? any good? just getting used to the manual focus ring atm, next up, seting the Exposure...
  12. P

    More retouch pratice shots.

    OK so here is last nights practice.. Orignal Retouch: Orignal retouch: orignal: Retouch:
  13. siodre

    vacation shots

    some from last fall's vacation around the US rockies. canon 5d mk ii, edited in lightroom and cs5, no hdr.
  14. RedneckR0nin

    More shots from not so long ago!

    Here is a taste of a couple different shoots I have done lately! Nudes and semi nudes- Since I know this is a all ages forum this is about as naked as I will show here. Great model and had fun experimenting different blow out techniques and lighting placement! Just a quick shot of my...