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  1. D


    I am here to just pick up some new skills even though I don't really plan on photo editing professionally or recreationally in my free time. It just so happens a lot of work I do requires photo editing skills, so I am forced to learn stuff lol.
  2. Nilony


    Hello to you all, my name is Marcos, and I'm interested in learning some Photoshop skills. I got a new project going on to start creating football mini kits, but since I lack the knowledge to manipulate some of the essential tools (all of them, really), I went on to join a specific community. I...
  3. D

    Hello from Arizona

    My name is Dean and although I'm not new to photography, I am new to Photoshop. I've been using Lightroom since LR3. I love photography and the creativity that comes with post production has really got my juices flowing. YouTube has been a great resource but I think having the ability to...
  4. B

    Hello there people :-)

    I been using photoshop on and off. Never really made much fancy stuff. Mainly just over complicated banners and posters etc or for making mockups of stuff. Its time to stop being mediocre though and get some decent skills down so hopefully i'll learn a lot here. :-) looking forward to being...
  5. S

    help with first time post

    Hello guru's New to photoshop and the forum Can anyone help me with my picture. I want to turn the 146 into 229 if it can be done. I have small skills with cs and cannot do this :( Thanks jessica x
  6. DZRasta

    New member here !!

    Hello, I'm Elias 22 years old from Algeria, I hope to improve my photoshop skills and be helpful here as well :)
  7. D

    hi my names Deano

    hi there new to this photoshop lark but wanting to start T-shirt design so hopefully this is the place to glean and eventually share some skills thanks Deano
  8. E

    Hello! Learning more and more everday...

    Hello good people of PS Gurus Forum! My name is Elizabeth and while I'm not new to the world of PS, I'm new to this fantastic forum. Along with the fact that I have recently realised just how complex Photoshop is. I've been using it for shameless entertainment since I was about 12 but only...
  9. P


    Just thought I'd say hello!I'm keen on photography and will be using the site mainly to pick up new skills and share what I know!Seems like a great bunch here - good times!
  10. LemonLuuk

    Tadic 250x250 avatar.

    Tadic. Feel free to use this picture for steam/skype or anything you like. Tips&tricks are very welcome! Every time i try new effects and new ways to improve my skills. But im not sure what you people like. So rate this please on a scale of 1/8. gr8 b8 m8 8/8.
  11. L

    Ciao a tutti

    Hello everybody! I'm an italian girl, I'm 23 years old and a young architect! I'm here for improve my graphic skills! My english is a bit poor, I hope it won't be a problem :_D Thanks all! leo_f
  12. MikeMc

    Need a favor !

    I need a couple of letters done in a vector file using AI ? I have a logo designed by my friend Dad Braiser....What I need is a letter "P" in the same style. I would try it, but my drawing skills are awful , nor do I have AI. thanks if you can help me!
  13. P


    I'm phenom187, I am graphic designer who's been using a lot of illustrator and wants to improve my photoshop skills.
  14. R

    New member

    Hi All, I'm new to this forum and I'm hoping to learn but also have a quick outlet for PS help. I use it mainly for Photography as I've started my own side business. Here's hoping I build my skills with all your help! ~R
  15. C

    Hey from chasetur!

    Hello All, I'm a 22 year old photographer and digital artist just looking to fine tune some of my Photoshop Skills. Hope learn something and share some knowledge as well. :cheesygrin:
  16. F

    jewlery photoshop help

    hi , do i need to be a photographer or a photoshopper?, the jewelry isnt coming out nicely on photoshop, i have nikon d7100 and know basic photosjop, but somehow the jewlery isnt coming out right, how can it be fixed with what tools? do I need to get my photography skills better pr my photoshop...
  17. A

    Hello every one

    I am Lawai from Malaysia. I am new here. I am a serious amateur photographer and am using Photoshop CS3 and CS6. Photoshop is a God sent tool to improve digital photos. However, it is rather tricky to fully understand and utilise the tools. Of course, with all your help and guidance, I can...
  18. F

    Two panorama's

    made with Serif panorama plus (and my super skills of course :mrgreen:) Taken this morning during 3h walk.
  19. Kovacevik

    Hello :D

    Hello everyone, my name is Neno, I am 16 old boy from Skopje (Macedonia) and I joined this forum to sharpen my Photoshop skills :D
  20. H

    Show your skills!...and we may hire you

    Hello everyone, We are here to find the right person with Photoshop skills, specifically in banners design for Hunting industry. Look for the details under our job post which is coming soon under "Photoshop Freelance Work" (Fee for service section) We look forward to getting to know your skills!