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  1. Z

    my bad photography skills reform

    The Beach was one of my favorite pictures, i was bored one day and i had asked mum if we could go to New Brighton for a bit, it isn't our local beach, it's actually a 2 hour train journey to get there, but i loved the atmosphere there, hence why we go to that length to get to merseyside. i just...
  2. A

    Which career provides a steady income and uses drawing/painting skills?

    I am looking for a career that provides a steady income and uses my drawing and painting skills. Do graphic designers mostly have a steady 9-5 kind of job, or do they freelance?
  3. C

    Photoshop skills needed..

    Hi guys, I am new to the forum and need someone with some good photoshop skills.. I am in the middle of a University degree in Advertising and I am developing a Brand Extension for Ferrari.... The extension will be for them going in to PWC's (Jet Ski's) and I need to create a poster ad for...