1. O

    Specific Make my Dogter look as pretty as she feels.

    Just looking to make the grass greener and hide the burnt patches. Id also like her chest scars from her anxiety induced scratching to be covered like she has fur there. If at all possible i think a nice blue sky would make this picture complete. Thank you!!
  2. Grayson Smith

    Replace Sky/Add Mist

    Post your favorite ways to replace the sky and add mist/fog
  3. S

    Photo Manipulation Wanted to add some sun to a pale photo

    Hello. I really like sunrise so will be making more images like this. This is my first try, and I couldn't add warm color to the part of the city that is far away.
  4. N

    Background Texture Question

    Hi! Can anyone tell me what type of effect was used to create the effects for the land and the sky in this picture? Any help would be appreciated!
  5. D

    How to create clouds like spray cream

    Hi, I found two images and both of them have clouds. This clouds are not natural, but looks good in manipulation. I tried using directly cloud brush, but they gave more of natural look. Then, I tried using Cotton to make clouds and decrease the structure and sharpening That process gave me...
  6. K

    The Beauty Inside [Photo Manipulation] - #kzOFFBEAT

    Behind a dirty or broken outside, there's usually a very colorful beauty inside. Stock credits: Dirt and grass image by Elizabeth Lies Bright sky by Mathyas Kurmann Dark sky by Antoine Barrés Rose by Henrique Ferreira Rose stem by Annie Spratt
  7. R

    Night Sky Notebook Paper

    just something i through together in 10 mins
  8. S

    photoshop request

    is it possible to edit out the finger in this photo? It would be greatly appreciated. I added another photo underneath of what the sky is supposed to look like. this is the photo that needs editing this is the photo showing the sky
  9. N

    Q: How to remove Clouds in a gradient sky?

    Hi, I wandering If you can orientate how I can remove this clouds . With Patch, Fill with Content-aware, healing brush , doesn't work correctly. Any advice, tip in how I can remove this clouds that in my composition , appear the Clouds are more importan than the skyline. So I want to remove...
  10. Arrrgh

    ▶ Sugestions for tidying up this weird wavy line sky ? ◀

    Hey guys I have a wavy line sky which I'm struggling to tidy up. I've tried various blur techniques but nothing seems to work. I no longer have the raw file (so I can't reprocess). Any advice, tutorial links, additional software suggestions would be great... Thanks Paul
  11. P

    Need blue sky added to photo!

    Hi, i'm wondering if someone can add a blue sky in this photo for me. Thank you!
  12. J

    Need help with light ereas in sky

    Hi am new too the site Am trying to get rid of the light areas in the sky If anyone could help me that would be great. am not asking for anyone too do it for me. just .too point me in the right direction in photoshop Thanks for your help john.
  13. R

    How to layer mask trees?...

    I'm sure this is something that gets asked all the time, but after reading a couple of tutorials I'm still struggling to remove the sky from the trees and gaps in the bridge. Can anyone suggest a method? Thanks!
  14. K

    Pretty easy one

    The tree branch in the top-centre of the image, obscuring the blue night sky, I would please like to ask if this branch could be faded out and to make a seamless blue night sky that isn't obscured by that branch.
  15. J

    Make Tuscany Pics less "Cloudy"?

    Just got back from a week in Italy and two of my favorite pics were taken on a cloudy day. I'd like to have these two printed on those canvas/wood frames to hang in my house. Is it possible to make the sky just a little more blue and a little less gray? Don't need a bright sunshiny blue or...
  16. S

    replacing/fixing sky

    I know the quality of this image is far from perfect but is there anyone who could help me fix up this sky, the B&G would like a "more romantic" looking sky, I'm not really sure where to go with it if I'm honest.
  17. S


    Hello =) First time using photoshopgurus =) Love the concept of this community! I took this picture last year in Tahiti and absolutely love it, would now like to print it a large format and use it for my startup's marketing. Could someone please improve this for me - not a great photgrapher...
  18. L

    Help me removing the background, please!

    Hello everyone, I hope that you are having a great day! Well, the other day I was trying to edit a picture to include that in a page, and I tried to include a Image that combine with the backgrund, but I don't have any experience on photoshoping, and it may be really simple for you, but hard for...
  19. mikecox

    New Content Aware not working for me.

    I was cropping a Tiff file. I checked "Content aware" box, as well as the "Delete Cropped Pixels" (I tried with the latter checked and unchecked). When I finished my crop I clicked the checkmark to the right of the toolbar, but the empty space in the sky did not fill in. I ended up using...
  20. B

    Help make the sky better

    Can someone help to make the sky less boring? and if possible use the wall and balcony in the second photo to add to the first? Its a gift for my girlfriend who is moving out of this condo and is very sentimental about it... Thanks in Advance!!