smart object

  1. animalcolm

    Smart Object refresh?

    Hi all, any help on this would be greatly appreciated!! I have a psd file that lays out 40+ playing cards for a card game. Each card has variable info (text, icons, colours, etc) and is contained in a separate folder. Icons on the cards are smart objects (i.e. the icon for "move" is a smart...
  2. B

    Smart Object - Canvas Mock Ups - how to resize the canvas and also the edge

    I have a psd file which contains a smart object for a canvas mock up. I have been trying to resize this as I want to add the image in the actual size to it with the actual thickness too. I can't seem to do this at all. Does anyone have any pointers as to where I would look to find the size of...
  3. T

    Specific Help with editing smart objects

    Hi all... I'm, creating a large cityscape collage with each image placed as an individual layer. There are over 200 elements making up the collage. I have converted each layer to a smart object and added 4 filters to each layer with base settings that I will then tweak (photo cooling filter...
  4. B

    How to make a canvas mock up thicker and wrap my image

    Hi, I am reasonably new to Photoshop so please bear with me! I have some canvas art that I need to show mocked up, the size of the canvas is 40inches x 30 inches, I want 1.5 inches each side to wrap around the canvas frame, so my image is 43inches x 33 inches. I have a got a mock up psd file...
  5. S

    Foil bag mockup

    Hi, I'm trying to make a mockup for a snack bag (foil pouch). Could anyone guide me step by step
  6. I

    Removing black from full color leaves black line

    See attached image for reference. I'm trying to remove the black from a full color smart object illustration so then I can have another layer which has just black part so I can offset it and have its own texture to it. I need this to be non-destructive so that it can be used with any...
  7. T

    Smart Object/Warp Question

    Hey everyone! I am a Paint Shop Pro girl and decided to give CS5 a go, starting last night. I have been watching some tutorials and have 2 questions! 1. Smart Object is a great tool for non-destructive there ever a reason not to use it? 2. I am trying to figure out how to warp...
  8. S

    How do I automatically "Update All Modified Content" on a linked smart object

    I have a single smart object which will act as a texture layer. This texture layer is linked to over 100 documents, when I want to put a new texture in this smart object I save it then open up 1 of the 100 documents, it has the yellow warning symbol and I have to click "Update All Modified...
  9. J

    Help with smart object layer

    Hi everyone I'm currently working on a mock up for a product design, a box container to be precise, And I want one smart object layer to cover both the front and the side, so you can seamlessly design the front and side of the box. Sadly I haven't found a good way to do this, thought i would...