1. I

    Scripting How to get snapshots?

    I wonder whether it is possible with a script to output the "snapshots" of the Camera-Raw-filter contained in an XMP file as individual JPG files or directly as individual layers in one PSD file. Here is a RAW example with 3 snapshots.
  2. Robes

    Toggle Between ACR and PS ??

    Hello All- I don't understand how to go back & forth between ACR and PS with Raw (Nef) files. From ACR (after basic edits) I open to PS as "smart objects" having saved the last ACR settings before so, as a "snapshop" in ACR. This 1st snapshot is always available to the end. Once in PS I...
  3. F

    Missing "Snapshots" tab from Camera Raw in Photoshop

    I'm using Adobe Photoshop CC with Camera Raw For some reason I have no "Snapshots" tab available in Camera Raw. It's there in Lightroom (with Camera Raw 8.5) and it works fine, just not in PS. What gives? By the way I can't upgrade Camera Raw because it's a work computer. I can't...
  4. F

    quick retouch

    Friend asked if I could make her arm thinner. As it is just for a snapshot, I did a quick try. Is it any good? How to improve?
  5. M

    Accidentally edited a previous snapshot and lost current history

    I hope someone can help me with this since I am about to flip a table in frustration. I went back to a previous snapshots to check the placement of something, and accidentally clicked on the image with my brush tool. The history tab then overwrote everything I had done after taking that...
  6. D

    Can you "undo" a snapshot?

    Hello everyone! I was deleting several recent steps in the history palette, then all of the previous history disappeared and there's just one step remaining...the snapshot. The problem lies in that I wanted to continue deleting a few more actions. Is there a way to expand the steps that...