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  1. chrisdesign

    3D Gold Ring with Diamonds

    Trying to do some decent renderings of diamonds was a more difficult project I could imagine. 1. I tried to find a Blender tutorial with "nodes" settings for diamonds. I failed. 2. I tried to find a diamond "light setting" tutorial. I failed. 3. I realized that I was once more on my own and...
  2. L

    Hi my name is Lariza :)

    Hello everyone, My name is Lariza. I am a self-taught Photoshop user. I have gained all my knowledge poking around in Photoshop & YouTube videos. I feel very comfortable using Photoshop although I know I have just scraped the surface. I joined this group to gain more knowledge and to solve...
  3. A

    Hi from Ali

    Hi to all of you, i m new member of this forum & I m sure that I will achieve a lot of knowledge & help from this forum and i will try my best to solve an issue whatever i know about it. Thanks n best regards to all of you.
  4. S

    Achieving a realistic soft lighting effect in post processing (Photoshop)

    Hello! I have a mystery I need help solving! I am a photographer and have been using photoshop on and off for about 4 years! I just cannot figure out what is done to this photo that makes it look this way! I know its not too hard or anything I just cant figure it out! THIS IS NOT MY PHOTO...
  5. ugur

    Portrait Retouch

    This is a portrait of my friend which was taken in 2006 by my old sony r1. I found the picture while organising my photo archive and thought that it was a nice portrait with some problems. I tried to solve them with PS. Hair masking is not as good as i want but i am getting better by reading...
  6. A

    Not getting what I've selected

    Hey, I have this issue, I have selected the following But when I do Ctrl+J to get it to a new layer, this is what I'm getting With this "ugly" transparency in the middle. Any ideas how I can solve it? Thanks a lot
  7. S

    Actions error

    every time im trying to apply an actions, i have this error how i can solve it ?
  8. J

    Sharpen a license plate - help solve a crime, please!

    Hello all Photoshop Gurus- We are on vacation and had all of our vehicles broken into last night. No one here has access to photoshop, so we are hoping someone can help us ASAP. We have an image of a suspect vehicle and are trying to relay the license plate number to the state police. Can...
  9. B

    how to solve this

    Hi, how do i make the blue background to be white??? I have no idea why is the background is in blue. Can this be done by photoshop?
  10. D

    I guess I have a difficult problem to solve with reference to my previous posts...

    I guess that no one has experienced this problem before pertaining to my previous posts with reference to blue colors won't print! Does anybody know how to reset Adobe CS5...