1. K

    How would I create this image ?

    I'm a beginner to photoshop. I recently saw an image I wanted to recreate but haven't been able to find a source on how to do it. I just want to do the part with the skyline image and the text.
  2. ZeroCool22

    Automatically Remove Backgrounds!

    Adobe developed an AI method that automatically Remove Backgrounds From Images. SOURCE:
  3. R

    Is there an authoritative data source for named colors?

    My niece wants me to make return-address labels for her in Photoshop. When I asked if she has anything specific in mind, she said that she likes the colors Turquoise and Sea-Foam Green (although not necessarily using them together in the labels). Sounds simple enough, but what, exactly, are the...
  4. R

    How to have light emanating from my body

    I would like to do an effect where the only light source in an image is emanating from a subject. I have tried using the lighting effects filter but it tends to put the area surrounding the light in darkness, I don't want that I just want it to seem like all the light in the image is coming...
  5. C

    Get back the clone stamp circle

    Once I have set a source for my clone stamp in window A, stamped it in window B, how do I go back to window A to get a different spot without showing the current source image? I just want the circle that shows me exactly what I am picking up, so I think I want to reset the source to...
  6. V

    Learn Photography

    I want to learn photography itself without paying any fee. Is any source available except tutorial.
  7. SeniorS

    Stamp tool: source point without keyboard?

    How to take source point (sample) for stamp tool (etc) without using keyboard but just mouse? Is that even posible? Why i need that? Becouse :) Sometimes it's fun working only by mouse. I didn't googled it yet, maybe someone already knows the answer.
  8. C

    Source Photo Overlay Issue [picture]

    I am using a source photo to overlay grundge details on a texture I am working on. The issue I am having is when I set the source photo to "overlay" layer mode over the base metal it lightens the whole area. I want the base metal to remain the same darkness, but maintain the grunge details from...
  9. C

    Batch work saving with different name to same source folders?

    Hi All I have the following problem.... I have 100 folder that I need to run a Batch processing on... But I also need to rename the picture and be able to save it back to the local source folder... Is this at all possible in Photoshop? I know I can do it by NOT renaming the file name! But I...