1. K

    Knife edit #3

    Hello can anyone help me make the blade in the first pic look cleaner and sharper. If possible help me clean the black spot on the blade too thank you!! Knife
  2. L

    Dump Truck Render

    Haven't been here in a while. thought I'd share a dumptruck sp. Hope this is the right spot.
  3. M

    Spot healing tool copying wrong area

    I am trying to do some spot healing on a wrinkly neck of a bearded person. The beard is appearing on the spot where I am trying to remove blemishes. Totally confused.
  4. Y

    need someone who can make my face looks good ( eye manipulation )

    as u see my face guys my face full of Small grains and a black and a black Spot so any one can help me and make that picture nice
  5. hershy314

    Days Gone By

    I got the idea for this from watching an episode of American Pickers. Plus I've always had a soft spot for old rusty vehicles and abandoned buildings.
  6. E

    Spot Removal

    Hey guys! Could anyone possibly remove this black and mild (cigarette) from my friend's hand? I really want to use this photo. Thank you!
  7. K

    Help on how to fix a hot spot in an image.

    Hey guys need help on how to fix the hot spot in the middle of the photo. Thanks!
  8. gedstar

    Can you find the mistake

    See how long it's takes you to spot the mistake, don't post what it is just post how long it takes you
  9. R

    Lame questions about layers

    Forgive the lame question but here it goes. Say I have a group, say for frequency separation, and I want to make a copy from background to do some spot healing, nothing shows up on that layer. Meaning my spot healing isn't showing up. If I try to move the layer order everything goes weird. The...
  10. M

    Retouching: Reducing / removing acne and rosacea from face in Photoshop (removing blo

    Hi there I am new to posting to this forum, but I've been reading it for quite some time. I'm very much a novice in Photoshop and I've been experimenting with removing acne in Photoshop. With very minor cases I've been able to successfully remove the acne in a realistic way (not too soft, all...
  11. K

    Best way to convert four color process to spot colors in photo.NEED ADVICE ASAP

    I have a client that is asking if and how we can take there label and change it from four color process to spot colors. I can identify three possible colors for the text and border but then they have an image in the background that is definitely four color process. What is the best way to go...
  12. A

    How to black out white spot on my damaged negative?

    Hello Guru's, would appreciate some advice on something that probably is unfixable or has a real easy solution. As you will see in the image attached, there is a distracting white spot on one of the boys face, which i would like to disappear… This is an image shot on film and the white spot is...
  13. S

    Wedding Photo Edits - remove spot!

    Hey guys, the wife had a spot on her face, inside corner of her right eye on the wedding day and she's not happy with the photos! looking for someone to remove the spot from number of photos, ideally would like someone to do one to see the quality of the work then agree a price to do the rest...
  14. U

    Illustrator Creating white as a spot colour?

    Help- I am creating a document to print onto transparent bags. I want to create white as a spot colour. I cannot seem to change names if I create an alternative colour. Can anybody help? Thanks
  15. B

    black spot in over subject w/glasses eye

    I am by no means very professiant in photoshop, but do know a thing or two. I took several pictures of my daughter (who wears glasses) and there is a black spot over one eye. I am assuming that it has something to do with glare from the flash on the glasses. I have photoshop elements 7. Can...