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How to black out white spot on my damaged negative?

Angi Mary

New Member
Hello Guru's,

would appreciate some advice on something that probably is unfixable or has a real easy solution.

As you will see in the image attached, there is a distracting white spot on one of the boys face, which i would like to disappear… This is an image shot on film and the white spot is some damage that got recorded on the negative.

Any advice would be very much appreciated as i am very much a PS novice.

Many thanks,



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Unless incredible care is taken, negatives (and prints, to a lesser extent) always accumulate an astonishing amount of dust and dirt. This makes for major problems when you scan them. In addition to the one white area that you noticed, your negative also has many smaller dust and dirt spots. The attached image shows these highlighted in red (as well as other questionable areas).


The previous two responses in this thread discussed ways to fix the large white damaged area, The smallest dust and dirt spots can usually be dealt with fairly easily using a technique described in this post:

I would also suggest that because the subjects in your image are in shade and the background has some very bright areas that tend to pull the viewer's eye away from the subjects, that a bit of classic burning and dodging will help tame the extremes of light.

Anyway, hope you like it.

Tom M

PS - Click the attached file area to download the full rez version.


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