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  1. Z

    I'm stuck! Minimised tools palette and can't press or access hardly anything!

    Hi! I'm stuck and would really appreciate if someone knew how to get me out of this one. I was working in a document in Photoshop CC, latest update on a Mac with El Capitan 10.11.6, apparently pressed the wrong keys or key combination, and then all my palettes disappeared (my documents...
  2. W

    Jagged Text

    I'm having a problem with jagged text in photoshop preview and in pdf and jpg exports. The problem is amplified further when in the pdf. I have set the anti-alias setting to smooth and my resolution is 300 dpi. I am stuck as to what to do. I tried every font from Arial to custom downloaded...
  3. B

    Cursor stuck as crosshair

    Photoshop CC v2015.1.2 Win10 64 Suddenly my cursor for everything including brushes and tools is stuck as a sort of crosshair. Changing it in preferences has no effect. Any ideas if this can be cured please?
  4. P


    Hello All, I've been working with Photoshop off & on for several years & I consider myself an advanced beginner. I would take some classes but my work schedule won't let me so I need input when I get stuck. And I want to learn better ways to do what I already know. My main photography interests...
  5. H

    Can't follow the instructions properly

    Hello everyone! I was trying to force myself into getting some work done by following this tutorial : However, I got stuck almost immediately at Step 2, because that's what...
  6. A

    Stuck in Photoshop!

    I'm a little stuck as to where to take this next... your opinions?
  7. A

    Help, so stuck! Pattern edge.

    I can't figure out how to duplicate the patterned edge on this pic (see attach). Any and all help much appreciated :).
  8. adeee

    please hurry. help me am stuck.

    guys i just draw apple using pen tool and want to this image below. circle drawn on eclips tool. i try to cut the circle area. but i cant found any thing for erase. earaser tool also not working. What should i do to cut the Apple.(circle)?
  9. D

    My "line tool" is stuck as an "arrow"

    Never run into this one before...all of a sudden, my regular photoshop line tool is drawing an ARROW with an arrow head on it, and I can't get it to stop. Look: The line tool is clearly selected, but it draws an arrow when I try to draw a line. It's as though it's "stuck" drawing a custom...