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    Make over request

  2. D

    Please photoshop clothing color

    Hello, I'm new and I am a 14 year old trying to Photoshop, its been very challenging though. I am in search for someone to please change the red suits to look like the one in the grey suit picture. The grey suit is called a stealth suit in the young justice series, but i ask that someone please...
  3. C

    Can someone please edit those wedding photos?

    Hey Community, I got a request for you guys :) I would be pleased if someone can help me out My girlfriend and me were on a wedding. It was quite fun! A Photographer took some photos of us. But I dont like my wrinkle/crease in my suit (pic 1-3). Is it possible to flatten/remove that, so it...
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    photoshop cc colour settings au

    Could someone tell me the best Colour setting to suit printing here in Australia?
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    Which Scanner

    Hi I'm looking in to buying a quality scanner to scan old photographs so I am able to repair and re-touch them. I operate a mac and my budget could push to around £350. Can anyone direct me or advise me on a scanner that would suit my needs even if it goes outside my budget I would consider it...
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    How would you do this?

    Hi everyone! So this is my first time posting! Yay! Ok... I was wondering if i could get any help on this. So i came across this picture Hopefully this comes up ok. From looking at the picture it seems like the man was added in and the shading detail under him was done in an photo editing...