1. B

    Sun faded picture

    Can somebody help me fixing this sunfaded picture?
  2. A

    Photoshop noob is looking for critique.

    This project is for my school. "Homework theme" is Photo manipulation and I've chosen to do something that kind off reminds to an Apocalyptic scene. I want to know what do you recommend me to do, what is good and what isn't. And if possible, how to fix bad things or do something that you've...
  3. S

    Fix reflection in sunglasses & make more real

    ​I would like this picture to look as authentic as possible. Mostly the glare in my glasses has to be fixed, and then if you guys are feeling up to it something could be done with the shading to have it look nicer and more real. This picture will be used as a lot of profile pictures and you...
  4. A

    I'm trying to make the edges of this photo transparent

    Hey guys, I have PS elements I'm trying to make the edges of this sun picture transparent. It has a nice yellow gradient but the problem is it cuts off at the edges so I looks unnatural when I add it to another picture. How can I soften the edges so that the sun ray doesn't appear as cut off...
  5. M

    too much sun...

    Hi! I am a beginner photographer. One of my friends asked me to shoot her wedding. On this photo iv got sum sun spots goin on. I feel really bad that It isn't turning out..I really wanted this picture to turn out. is there anyway u can fix it? n maybe fix up the lighting a little bit? I would...
  6. A

    Removing Sun Halos

    I don't mean lens flares, I can generally take care of them , but I've been trying to remove the halo effect around the sun in sunset/sunrise photos and its really hard. Check out these 2 pics: I've tried selecting and filling with content aware on normal and dissolve. Heal doesn't work...
  7. B

    Creating light rays from the sun

    I am using Photoshop CC. I am a photographer, not a graphic artist. I have a photo that includes the sun just setting behind mountains. I would like to add light rays or light beams radiating upward from the sun. I can get close to what I want using Layer > New Fill Layer > Gradient with the...
  8. S

    Making nice splash backgrounds

    Hello, I am making some wonders for Civ 5 game and I need to place splash design behind my buildings, as in original: As noticed, there are beautiful sun rays behind the building which I need to create from scratch, please someone can give me a hint on what tools to use or direction to...
  9. I

    help with sun problem

    first i want to clear that i dont have any knowledge in photoshop, now, if possible i want to reduce the sun effect if anyone can help me i'll be more than happy, thanks
  10. C

    Fixing skin tone due to background sun

    Hey guys. This'll be my first post on this forum. I've never been that into photography and image editing until I got my hands on PS and realized how amazing the process is and how many changes you can make. I actually spend quite a bit of time messing with pics in my spare time now. That said...
  11. L

    How to make this image, looks like a sun

    Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone could help me with ideas of how to make the sun shape from this image I attached. I have made one of the squiggly tails (lets call them tails for now lol) and transformed it by 15 degrees, then did the duplicate+transform again. I came out with the...
  12. V

    Need Advise on Blending

    Hello Everyone I'm a PS novice and need some guidance on how to blend these two image nicely. I was hoping someone can guide me on getting the sun on one of the pics and merging it onto the other clouds pic (with silver linings on the edge of the clouds from the sun). I hope to learn the steps...
  13. J

    Sun Glare, Sun Flare,? Dont even know what it's called!

    Hello everyone! As you can see in this pic, the creator added a sun in the background and created some type of flare, or something that I dont even know what its called that overlaps over the guy-in-the back's face and shoulder... adds a lot to the illusion of realism in this image. Could you...
  14. Boomawoom

    New Space Picture, and Splatter Picture

    Hey everyone, not been on here in a while, stupid jobs taking up all my time. Anyway I made this tonight. I read something about planets being eaten by stars so decided to make this :) Next picture, I did this a couple of weeks ago. It's a guitar, it's also my new ipod case, not really a lot...