1. P

    Remove Object From Image

    Hey guys, I need to remove the lower surfer from this image(I'm the one with the blue shirt) :
  2. PsPro

    Hello All Pixel Pushers!

    Hi Guys, Gals and any extra terrestrial beings reading this post! So my name is Guy... and I have been using Photoshop now for over 20 years which seems like a life time now. I still remember the first time I opened up Photoshop like it was yesterday, the rush it gave me of being able to do...
  3. brandon skyy

    SILVER SURFER attempt lol

    I couldnt find an actual tutorial on the silver surfer, so i did what I thought was best just from scratch. Watch the video and let me know what you think, its only about 5 minutes! (high speed) i love making these videos now. NEW FINISHED PRODUCT as of 5/19/11