text effects

  1. deepshah095

    Powder Blast Text Effect in Photoshop

    Learn how to create this powder blast text effect in Photoshop :) ! Happy Learning :)! Video Link :-
  2. deepshah095

    Smoke Text Effect

    Learn how to create this smoke text effect in Photoshop :)! Happy learning! Video tutorial :-
  3. J

    How can I replicate this text and shape effect?

    Hello, I am trying to recreate this logo (or two) for a TV mock I am trying to create, however, I am unsure of how to create a glossy/shiny effect with the text 'GMTV' and 'today' similar to the original logo. I have attempted it so far by using various layer styles, such a pattern overlay...
  4. A

    What Text Effect is This Logo?

    I know it's a simple technique, but how can this be replicated?
  5. K

    How do I do this text effect?

    Hi, I'm making a banner image and would like my text to look like this: Could someone explain how to do this? Thanks :)
  6. N

    How to create staggered slanting text

    Hi, I'm a newbie - excuse me if this question has been asked before. I'm trying to create a particular effect. I want to create a slanting text where each letter maintains it's vertical aspect. Like this: D L E I F F E H S...
  7. O

    Use two colors on in text character at angle/slope?

    Hello, I am trying to find out how to use two colors on text but not just a horizontal seperation and more of a slope. I have searched the web but have not found any examples that show this. I have attacked a sloppy example in paint to give you an idea. Any help on how to do this would be...
  8. T

    Text inside a dotted circle

    Hi everyone I been trying to get this figured out for quite some time now and I'm almost there, but I just cant seem to get the text lined up properly. I attached the original picture I was attempting to duplicate and then the psd file of the work I did. I added a black background that I...
  9. K

    Hello Fellas..!

    I am new here...! before signing up in this forum, i designed three text effects with the help of several websites..! And i hope i could do a lot more here..! Abstract FX Text Effect Particle Flame Text Effect RAWZ Light Effects
  10. M

    PS CS5 add text to formula 1 car with curves and reflection MAKE IT LOOK REAL

    i'm new to photoshop but i learn quickly, i know how to change colour on a car and still look real i want to add text to the car below where the wing is and tyres with the word Mighty the reason for this car becasue its challenging and difficult for me can anyone help?
  11. S

    An Amazing Typography Effect ( New) Free Fonts

    Hi,i just bought some fonts last week and I am loving those fonts..:) So,I decided to make a video tutorial on how to achieve this super hot effect from those fonts: and like this: here is the video tutorial: here is the part 2: and for the fonts and every other thing I used...