1. HaAwCK

    [Tutorial] How to: Create a (kinda) electric text

    I wasn't exactly sure what I should call this, so please dont get mad if this wasn't reaching your expectations (Also, please help me get a better title). Since I am so goddamn smart (sarcasm) I am making a text and a video tutorial. Oh, since I am new: Please flame me so hard I wont do...
  2. HaAwCK

    Introduction: HaAwCK

    Hello, My name is HaAwCK (obvious fact is obvious) and I mainly registered on this forum to learn and teach things about Photoshop. I currently use Photoshop CS3 (Legally bought) and Photoshop CS4 (Torrent). I hope to learn allot from this community, as well to teach others, and I also Hope we...