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  1. Eggy

    Challenge #37, When Time Passes By

    "When Time Passes By" Use this picture to depict how this village street could look in 25+ years.(For worse or better) The contest will run until Saturday, May 14 at midnight, after which voting will take place for seven days. Please attach your entries to the SUBMISSION THREAD (link...
  2. N

    How to achieve this blue background and arrow background

    1.) How does one make this blue background effect on the side ? Mod edit: Please don't upload (implied) lewd language here, this is a family oriented forum. 2. And this is the similar to the first picture but with a dynamic arrow or greater than sign. How is this made? Didn't want to...
  3. dv8_fx


    A big Thanks to Helios for coming up with this challenge... Challenge #36 - PSG, the album! OK, restless natives..... HERE WE GO.... Welcome to OUTTATUN RECORDS. Post your demo entries here.... All submissions will be hidden and can only be viewed during the voting period. If you have...
  4. dv8_fx


    A big thanks to Paul for creating this challenge.... Challenge 35 - CREATE A DROID To all participating "MAKERS" ... Utinni!!! Welcome to PizzadaHutt's Junkyard - the place to upload your droid creations. All entries will be hidden and can only be viewed during the voting period. If you...
  5. dv8_fx

    Challenge 34 (Advanced) SUBMISSION THREAD - Street Art

    Thank you, chrisdesign for creating this new challenge. To all eager participants... UPLOAD YOUR ENTRIES HERE. All entries will be hidden and can only be viewed during the voting period. For new members and first time challenge participants, please refer to the challenge guidelines...
  6. dv8_fx

    Basic challenge #1 submission thread - create a mini planet

    Submit your mini planet creations here. Please keep this thread clear of comments. You can engage in banter and discussions in the Basic Challenge Announcement thread . All submitted images will be kept hidden for the duration of the contest and will be viewable only when the voting...
  7. dv8_fx

    Challenge 33 SUBMISSION THREAD - Winter Without Snow (Advanced)

    OK, folks.... upload your entries here. Please keep this thread clear of comments. You can engage in banter and hold discussions regarding the submissions in the Challenge Announcement thread ... Challenge 33 - Winter Without Snow (Advanced) Contest submission ends on Tuesday 19th January at...
  8. X

    Hello all ...

    Just a PS enthusiast here. I've just been scratching the surface of PS for years. I've picked up a ton of PS knowledge from youtube & phlearn. I'll most likely just browse around the forum, there has probably already been a thread started about what I might be trying to do. Looking foward to...
  9. Z

    3D Nova (WIP)

    Hey guys this is my latest WIP, I started it abut 3 hours ago I wanted to spread out into the realm of high poly modelling with no intent to optimize and put into a game for once, so i could really go to work on it, and I thought a small character project would be a good place to start. I...
  10. IamSam

    Flowers and Personal Notes for Larry (ALB68)

    As you know, we recently announced the loss of one of our PSG members and fellow moderator Larry Bratton otherwise known as ALB68. We, the staff here at PSG, would like to collect personalized notes from any members who knew and interacted with Larry to be sent along with a nice flower...
  11. IamSam


    This thread is for everyone to post those questionable images that may or may not have been Photoshopped. This one has been in the news it Photoshopped? I have no idea. What do you think?
  12. agentmoeller

    forum functions...

    Is there a guide somewhere to how the forum functions? I don't know what the folded paper icon means next to a thread, sometimes it's blue; sometimes it's red. Any help anywhere?
  13. Tom Mann

    Getting "Color Mechanic" to run under PS CC 2014, ie 64 bit PS

    In another thread, I mentioned that I couldn't get the old (2008 vintage), but extremely useful plugin, Color Mechanic, to run under 64 bit Photoshop. Larry ( ALB68) showed that he didn't have this problem, so I started this thread to help other people with this problem, but not clog up the...
  14. K

    Account and/or thread deletion?

    Hello! So I was wondering if there was any way I could delete a thread I've created. I wanted to delete someone else's post with a picture of me in it, and I can't into contact with the poster. So if I can't delete the thread, is there a way I could delete my account so that that picture gets...
  15. MrToM

    Humans have landed on a comet - Your humorous take on this historic event

    I give it 2 weeks before... Regards. MrTom.
  16. S

    Hello there!

    Good day, to eveyone! Photography and photoshop are my hobbies, hope to get better with them here. Chose the site because it was only, which had reply to my question (was looking for a style, found out from the sticky thread that it is Dave Hill's look), that seems promising. Thanks for the...
  17. Hoogle

    Photoshop quiz thread

    Ok it is a slow night so I thought we could start a trivia thread but hopefully learn some tips along the way. So this is how it works I will give a question and the 1st person to give a correct response gets to set the next question. labeling it Question 2 on the post clearly. so Question 1...
  18. Hoogle

    3D Cinema 4d revamped thread

    Ok we all know cinema 4d was more of a background 3d program back in the day and until today the cinema 4d threads last post was 2003. But cinema 4d is becoming 1 of the most popular 3d rendering software and has brilliant functionality with adobe products ie export to photoshop layers import...
  19. Paul

    Official hoogle the Hoogle Thread.

    The game here is to put the word HOOGLEMAN or any of it abbreviations into any format you wish. Just a bit of fun.:) Things like these POST ALL NEW ENTRIES HERE.
  20. Z

    strengths and weaknesses thread.

    righty ho, my thread for today is strengths and weaknesses here you can brag about your main strengths and share your weaknesses in photoshop, maybe someone's strength is your weakness, maybe you can ask for some guidance or tutorials to follow. but just remmber. this is more of a get to know...