1. TripleYoThreat

    How To Touch Canvas From Inside Or Outside

    Hi, hope you're doing well. Quick question here. How can I have this item I'm transforming touch the canvas from the inside or outside. I use these terms because Media Player Classic has these options and it works perfectly, touch frame from inside or outside. So, when I'm resizing a...
  2. T

    Taylor Falls landscape touch up help needed

    Hi all I took this picture on my last holiday to see my brother in Minnesota and took a panoramic picture at Taylor falls. The only isssue is on the right hand side of the picture the sun hit the lens and seems to have made the trees/ river area really dull, instead of vibrant like the rest of...
  3. starbird

    Screaming at Photoshop

    I have always had the tool bar available. Now if I touch an image it vanishes. If I bring it back and touch the image it vanishes... I am up to my eyeballs with things not working. What the h is wrong with it now? CS6 I need to do a whole slew of images and I'm screwing around with this...
  4. E

    Need a little touch up

    Hi I need some one to blend the edges of a image so it can blend into a black background Here is a sample image, if any one can blend these to images Thank you
  5. P

    Help! Please change the background and touch it up

    Help! Please change the background and touch it up
  6. B

    Simple Photoshop Request!

    Hi Guys! I was just wondering if someone could remove the assistive touch on the side of this picture! Thanks!
  7. L

    Can you enchance this photo of my girl? - it's a gift :)

    So I took this photo yesterday at my girl's house, I didn't let her see it, so I'm gonna make her a surprise - I'll print and frame this photo and give it to her - I think it came out very artistic. I told her to look me in the eyes, and it was pretty intense while I took the picture. I'm...
  8. Eggy

    The last in series of OOB's

    The last one with a touch of humour... :mrgreen:
  9. S

    Photo Touch Up Job $Negotiable

    Hello, I am looking to touch up some headshots for my agent, I have some photos a (photographer) friend took that I want to use, but need to adjust some of the colors and contrast and also the background. It should not be too hard, and I will share with you what I have done quickly myself, but...
  10. M

    how do i get this effect pls help me

    does anyone know how to achieve this effect on the text in these examples? it seems super embedded in the art design almost like it got scanned in and i'm not sure if that's the case. it seems realistic enough to touch right there in the image.
  11. S

    Mobile game UI in Photoshop - Part 1 - Interaction design / document setup

    I'm creating a video series on designing a full game interface for touch screen devices from scratch in photoshop, and I wanted to share it with you guys. If you're into this sort of thing, you'll hopefully find this helpful. This first part is kind of boring (sorry to say) but very important...
  12. Sidney Marshell

    Fire man..!!!

    This is my friend... Incomplete work ...still need sme touch ups...
  13. E

    Looking For Help w/ Near Finished BW Recolouring.

    Hi guys, I took this 1908 photograph of a Seneca native and recolored it. I've been working on it the past few days and have a very neat photoshop project going. I'm looking to get this photograph printed and framed on canvas for my girlfriends birthday at the end of July. I would really...
  14. C

    Editing and Tricks

    I was wondering if anyone knows how to do these type of pictures. I can take decent pictures but for products like this, it seems lots of touch up or in fact this is done by a special software to make it so nice?
  15. D

    Any way to access PS images' descriptions on an iPhone?

    The last thing I do after tidying up a picture in Photoshop on the Mac is hit Get Info (Command-Shift-Option) to add a caption in the Description field— who, what, when, where, why, etc. If that picture gets transferred to an iPhone or iPad, is there a way to access its caption there? I have...
  16. Dreamers

    Photo touch up request

    Allright let's try it again to post this, after writing a prety long story about the image and what I wanted to be done to it, somehow it didn't show pffft. So here it should be now. I'll discribe the rest in an other post.
  17. Z

    Zeealex logo (needs a bit of a guru's touch)

    hey people. i need help on what to do with my first ever ZA logo, which i will use to watermark my latest images, however i think it needs something. here's the PNG file so you can have a look and post comments on what to do with it. thanks if you can give a helping hand :thumbsup: and...
  18. S

    Picture touch up

    A quick retouch I did (not my photo :p) look decent?
  19. A

    Photo Touch Up Job - $20 per photo

    I have 4 headshots that need re-touching. (Things like hair flyaways, skin color, overall contrast, etc.) I would like to have them by 8/10 and I'd like to see any relevant samples of work before hire. Payment terms: Show me low-res or watermarked samples of the work, and when I've approved I...
  20. Hoogle

    Using puppet warp for portrait touch up

    I Have started to use puppet warp tool which is a new feature in cs5 but really only used it in typography. I have seen someone animate a video entirely from 1 photo using this tool making it look like someone was walking it is a very clever tool. But here is a simple video to show you how it...